The fast that went


Hard to believe three weeks are up.  I know I said I’d be blogging about this fast along the way, but I haven’t had a lot of time and have been working through some things I don’t quite understand.  This morning I’m determined to throw a post up before I get going with my day (which promises to be the typically busy one).   First a couple of thoughts re this Daniel fast and some things I learned.

  • Being an all-or-nothing girl I found it easier to go 40 days without food than 21 days with food restrictions.
  • I wasn’t as cold with this fast (obviously, because I had some fuel in my system), but was surprised at how much hungrier I felt most of the time.
  • Physically speaking I didn’t gain or lose weight but the added roughage to my diet has had its benefits (I know, TMI, lol).
  • Peanut butter (the natural kind, of course) is good on just about everything.  (I went through a jar and a half of it–no wonder I didn’t lose weight, lol.)
  • The first week I had issues with headaches and heart palpitations, but they ironed themselves out.  Wasn’t sure I had heard from God on the timing of this fast, so perhaps that was a clue, but I pressed through anyway because I’m stubborn.
  • With this fast another “challenging situation” came up, but it came at the end of the fast and not the first week like last time.  Still reeling but God is faithful and I trust Him.
  • Spiritually, I don’t feel it benefited me as much (though like I said, I may have been off with the timing).  That said, I still feel as if there was a shift that took place (hard to describe) in my thinking re my identity, but at the same time came the realization that I am afraid of God.  There, I admitted it.  And it explains a lot, like why He’s waiting, holding Himself back like one would with a child bride.

Just got done with my morning cup of joe, which I missed more than I thought I would.  I also missed milk and cheese.  And I found myself checking labels more, which is a good thing (we eat a lot of junk in this country).  Should have gotten my yearly blood work done during this time as I’m sure the numbers would have been pretty good!  Kevin’s glad it’s over.  Even though I was at the table more with this fast, there were times when I sat out dinner.  He’s a funny guy and would say things like, “You mean you can’t eat that?!  Daniel’s no fun.”  And one time he made the comment (without thinking) about his wife.  After I reminded him that Daniel was a eunuch said something like “No wife either?  Like I said, he’s no fun.”  All in jest, so if that rubs anyone the wrong way I rebuke that religious spirit :)

Tomorrow is a rare day for us.  We get to sleep in!  Granted, that may mean only eight or nine o’clock instead of six thirty, but we enjoy our mornings together and it’s a great stress buster for Kevin.  He’s been under intense pressure these past three weeks.  Our lead mechanic gave his notice and today is his last day (he’s going into business for himself).  Another mechanic had broken his wrist and is off.  But business is good and we have a lot to be thankful for.  Not only does God take care of us, but He carries our burdens so we don’t have to.  That’s a huge blessing.

Time to get ready and log in for school.  Next week is the Fearless Conference at Global.  I’m really looking forward to hearing Ravi Kandall speak.



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