Spontaneous worship


Yesterday was an amazing day.  I slept in and watched the first part of the School of Worship on the webcast and toyed with watching the afternoon session as well but then decided to go in.  I’m so glad I did.  Micah Williams led the worship and after two songs there was a pause and the congregation broke out into 25 minutes of spontaneous worship that was so holy and beautiful.  The musicians on the stage stopped playing and everyone was in awe of what was going on.  Steve Swanson and a couple others ended up on the floor.  I was operating one of the cameras for the webcast so I couldn’t be drawn into it as much as I’d have liked, but it was so incredible and was the first time I’d experienced such a thing.  I did end up buying the DVDs of the conference but was told the worship sessions weren’t included because of copyrights, etc.  Such a shame really because it was such an anointed time!  Global has a policy that people aren’t supposed to videotape things but I saw someone do just that.  Wish they’d put it on YouTube :)  I saw a few others taking short clips on their phones, too.  One of these days I’ma gonna get me one a them thar smart thingies :)

JoAnn McFatter spoke in the evening after a great time of worship led by Julie Meyer (we sang Unto the Lamb and Behold the Bridegroom Cometh!).  Anyway JoAnn’s message was unlike any I’d ever heard before and dealt a lot with the future and modern day “cities of refuge” in the U.S., and I want to listen to it again soon.  She’s said she’s probably gonna get some flack for it but she doesn’t care.  For that (and other things) I’ve added her to my list of heroes of the faith :)  They did impartation at the end, having everyone line up around the walls, and Steve, Julie, and JoAnn prayed for every single person.  Didn’t “feel” anything but am believing.  :)  I heard Julie use the word “prophetic” when she was praying for me.  I was just talking to someone that afternoon about next year’s tracks for school and what my choices would be.  That’s definitely in the running.

Speaking of not feeling anything.  This afternoon the guys went for a motorcycle ride (it was a beautiful day!) and I stayed back, opting for some rest.  I decided to listen to Messengers of Fire, a CD I got from the conference that has JoAnn and Steve on it.  It was recorded from a worship session years back.  I was lying on the floor kind of drifting in and out of sleep through the songs and woke up hearing JoAnn talking to the worshipers about “Some of you may be feeling heat in your hands…” etc.  I smiled, thinking of the night before and the fact that I never seem to feel anything like that, and was even asking God why I don’t feel anything.  As soon as I was done asking the question JoAnn answered it (on the CD of course, but I didn’t know it was coming!) that if you don’t feel anything it doesn’t mean that you haven’t received, that you should believe by faith.  Had to smile at that, lol.

There’s a lot I have received by faith.  I got to thinking about Mary today and how God gave her a promise that she would give birth to the Savior and yet she wondered how it could be.  The Bible doesn’t tell us whether she felt anything when the Holy Spirit came upon her and she became pregnant with Jesus, and for all we know it could have happened in her sleep!  But the evidence became apparent because soon her body started to show the signs.  She carried that promise for nine months before it came to pass.  In a similar way I feel “pregnant with possibilities” because of promises God has given me (some through prophetic words and some through rhema words), and I can feel that I am “growing.”  I don’t know how it can be that God is doing this, but I know that it’s tied to renewing my mind and also by just plain taking Him at His word!  I also don’t know when “it” is going to happen, but I know that it is.  I’m heavy with hope and within the last two weeks have finally, finally been able to do the me dance (as Julie would say, lol).  That is reason enough to just break out into spontaneous worship right now!  :)


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