School of Worship


Thursday night the School of Worship started at Global.  Julie Meyer, Steve Swanson, and Joanne McFatter are the teachers/worship leaders, and it has been incredible.  You have to figure with the majority of people attending being musically inclined that worship would be over the top glorious, and it is!  The teaching is just as good, but I am staying home this morning and watching it on webcast because I’m getting worn out and needed to spend some time with my husband (gotta keep things in balance!).  I’ll head back this afternoon for the last two sessions.  They’re doing impartation tonight and you know me, I wouldn’t miss that, lol.

This school is a must for worship leaders and teams.  I have learned so much that I never really paid attention to before, like the transitions and selahs of the worship service.  It’s cool because each session starts with worship, and afterward they talk about things that happened and how the Spirit led them from the songs they originally planned.  Last night at the end it turned into intercession for first nations (Native Americans), and it was the coolest thing how God brought us to that point–it was through music and one of the women following the Spirit’s prompting through what the drummer was doing.  You could feel God’s heart for these people and the wrongs they suffered.  They’ve largely been forgotten, but God hasn’t forgotten them!  My husband has a Native American bloodline which of course means my children do as well.

Anyway, it’s time to dust off my guitar and get to work on building my callouses!  I’ve been feeling like I should and this was the impetus I needed :)


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