One day left


Will Hart spoke at Global today and I used up my 9th of 10 “free days”.  I’m so glad I chose to go in.  He was originally to speak to the school four times this year but dates kept getting picked off for this trip here or that conference there.  But today he finally made it.  Just this past Sunday he arrived home from India, so we all got to hear some fresh stories.  Makes me really wish I’d have gone on that trip!  No doubt we’ll hear more stories at the end of the month during the Fearless Conference at Global.  Ravi Kandall will be in for that, and I just got an email today that they’ve added another day.  Bob Hazlett, Rodney Hogue, and Brian Connolly will also be speaking!  Don’t know if it will be webcast, but it’s going to be an AWESOME conference.  If you live within driving distance of Mechanicsburg, PA (and even if you don’t), make every effort to attend, you’ll be glad you did!  And, it’s free!  Anyway back to today.

Will’s focus today was on serving.  He shared a lot of his personal history and how God led him from this goth 17-year-old kid who walked in on a meeting that changed his life fourteen years ago to being an evangelist who travels the world.  I’m not kidding when I say that every connection was made because he became a servant.  First he served Bob (don’t remember his last name) who led him to Christ and had an awesome ministry.  Basically Will became the guy who would go around behind whoever Bob was praying for and catch them as they fell out in the Spirit!  It was through serving Bob (which wasn’t easy, by the sounds of it) that Randy Clark found out about him and Randy actually called Bob to see if he’d release Will to be an intern for him.  So he comes to Global and interns with Randy for a couple of years I think.  It was he and two other guys (Jamie Galloway was one), and he shared some of what that internship looked like, including very late nights sitting in meetings wondering why you’re there, or in back rooms somewhere punching holes in workbooks for hours on end.  It wasn’t glamorous or quite what he thought it would be but he kept serving and had a good attitude and that got noticed.  One day he was asked if he’d like to help lead a team to Mozambique.  He’d always wanted to meet Heidi Baker!  So he gets off the plane and is with the team and Heidi walks up to him (not knowing him from Adam) and says, “You.  There’s something on you.  I want you to preach today.”  After his experience there Heidi asked Randy if he’d release Will, so Will (who is now married) then serves in Mozambique for a couple of years and that’s where they have their two children.  That leads to adventures in the Congo and a providential meeting one day with Ravi back in Mozambique.  Years earlier Jamie had shared a story with Will about this Indian pastor God had given George Bush’s phone number to (I think this was in 2002) and Will said he made light of it and didn’t believe it.  So during this conversation with Ravi this memory pops back into his mind and he turns to Ravi and says, “Hey, do you know anything about an Indian pastor that God gave George Bush’s phone number to some years back?”  Well, long story short it was Ravi!  They’ve been pretty tight since then, and it was amazing to hear the stories Will shared about their meetings with the leaders of the government in southern India just last week!  It’s incredible what God is doing through these men!

God doesn’t give us everything He has for us at once, and it’s a good thing He doesn’t because we wouldn’t be able to handle it.  Will said when he was first saved he’d been going to sleep basically praying for God to download everything overnight (I mean, He could do it, right?!), but when He didn’t, God led him to Proverbs 20:21, “An inheritance gained hurriedly in the beginning will not be blessed in the end.”  I think it’s a good thing to run after the fullness that He has for you.  When Jesus walked this earth people would drop everything and follow Him (there’s a “go” to the “gospel”).  But it’s as you go that God’s gonna line you up!  Another thing Will shared was the key to getting power, anointing, and walking in the humility of the Lord.  Ready?  You guessed it!  It’s through serving.  I believe it was Heidi Baker who said that the river runs in the lowest place–go low and stay low!

For me personally a couple of things happened today.  First, a connection with another student who made me aware of a sozo ministry at a local church that she said really helped her.  I’ve never gone to one and have already called and left a message because I want to make an appointment.  Second, at the end of the class Will had some ministry time.  No one likes to be the one skipped over but I was by him and Musy both.  I realized what was happening (again, lol) and pretty much was telling God it’s okay, I’m still going after you whether I’m prayed for or not.  I heard Will praying for someone to my right and started thanking God for what He was speaking to that young man (it was an awesome word).  The worship team had been playing during this time and switched to a song we’d sung in the morning, “Waiting here for You with my hands lifted high in praise.  It’s You we adore, singing allelulia.  Waiting here for You.”  So I just began to worship and told God I was just waiting there for Him.  Soon I felt a hand on my back.  One of the students had come up behind me and after a few moments began to prophesy over me and it was soooo encouraging.  He really does hear us when we pray and talk to Him, and I love how prophetic words can answer questions and confirm things.  God is amazing and my faith has grown today all because someone exercised the gift of prophesy that she’d been given.

I have one free day left, and I’m using that up the next time Randy speaks.  Perhaps he’ll do impartation too (he’d said the last time he was in that he would).  But even there, I don’t set my heart on being prayed for.  Do I want it?  Yes.  Do I think it would be of benefit to me?  Yes!  But God can do exceedingly abundantly beyond what I could ask or think wherever I am and whether somebody is praying for me or not.  I am a firm believer in the power of impartation, but God knows what I need even more than I do.  I just want more of Him, and something tells me I’m about to get it :)


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