On being drunk in the Spirit


I watched the free webcast of the Empowered conference from Florida last night.  There was so much more of an atmosphere of faith there than from a week before in New Holland, and God was (of course) drawn to that.  Awesome to see Him move, people getting healed just from hearing a word of knowledge about their TMJ or other problem.  I joined the chat, which was interesting.  Early on someone shared that he/she was getting drunk in the Spirit.  You could hear some from the audience who were getting “tickled” (I like to call it that) and were laughing.  I mentioned to the group in chat that I’d never gotten drunk in the Spirit.  That was a mistake.

What is it with people that makes us (myself included) think we need to fix people?  Without saying anything else about my life or experience I was advised that I “need to give up [my] right to understand it” and that I should “quit trying so hard, it’s about yielding” and “great and wonderful things happen when you let go and let God.”  Well, just to set the record straight (which I didn’t do last night btw), I don’t have a need to understand it, I’m not trying to do anything and have yielded, and I have let go and am patiently waiting for God’s timing.  Perhaps there are people who can get “drunk at will” but I’m not one of them.  I think I’m in pretty good company as Randy said he could count on one hand the number of times in his life that he’s had the experience. Besides, my focus isn’t on going after an experience, it’s about wanting more of God.  At some point I fully expect to imbibe in His Presence in such a way that it leaves me intoxicated, but until then I’m content to be a designated driver and keep drinking water until Jehovah Sneaky turns it into wine.


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