Foundations of Faith


Last week Kevin and I attended the Foundations of Faith conference in New Holland.  I had high hopes that it would be a life-changing event for Kevin, and I wasn’t disappointed!  We both gleaned so much from the speakers, and there were plenty of “interesting things” which happened.  The conference was put together to “bring clarity to the Word of Faith movement, to show the key relationship between faith and healing and to show the proper meaning behind the ‘Statements of Faith.'”  I believe there are plans for this conference to be offered in the other places where Healing Schools I and II have already been held.  It is well worth the price of admission.

The first day Paul King walked us through church history and showed how the Spirit has moved through the centuries.  He used a lot of great quotes from people I’d never heard of (I still have a lot of catching up to do).  Joe McIntyre spoke about Faith and the Authority of the Believer.  In the afternoon Tom Jones taught the five-step prayer model, and Randy Clark taught on Words of Knowledge, after which conference goers were given the opportunity to come forward and give theirs.  I think Kevin had one (right ear pain) but he hesitated, and so many came forward that Randy had to say no more.  At one point that first day we saw two Global students on the cameras and found out they were short staffed, so Kevin and I volunteered to help (or more accurately I volunteered Kevin and I to help, lol).  I’d say we probably worked the cameras for at least half the conference after that.

On Thursday afternoon Randy did impartation.  He gave his usual talk about ways you feel the Spirit moving and if you feel them to come forward.  Many in the audience went forward.  I thought something was going on with Kevin and I was really praying, but he didn’t move, he just stood there, hands out, with a look of peace on his face and a bit of a smile.  I asked him about ten minutes later what was going on, and he said, “I have flames coming out of my hands.”  I was like, “Get up there NOW!”  He didn’t go forward because that wasn’t one of the things Randy described!  As it turned out, Randy prayed for just about everyone but there was a small section that got missed.  Three guesses as to which section we were in.  Kevin said it was okay, though, that God had told him to be content with the little flames for now, that there would be another time.  A few other Global people were praying, too, and I motioned my friend Mary over to pray for Kevin, which she did.  Then Ben Williams prayed, and Kevin said when he did that he felt this rush of cold wind pass to his right side and that it smelled like Africa.  I was standing on his left and didn’t feel or smell a thing, which surprised him (that’s how strong it was).  We ended up missing dinner because we’d stayed there hoping for impartation.  In the evening there was a healing service again.  I get the evenings mixed up, but I think that was the night Paul Martini led the service.  I believe four people were healed of metal in their bodies over the phone!  It was pretty awesome.

Speaking of metal, that first night Randy went after it in the evening.  I had the faith to believe that if that happened God would dissolve the metal in Kevin’s ankle.  So Randy starts to talk about it dissolving, etc., and Kevin starts to feel a tingling and then a warmth in his ankle.  But then Randy says something about if you have pain and/or loss of mobility, and Kevin thought that since he had neither that Randy couldn’t be talking about him, and basically talked God out of it.  Seriously, we can do that, and it stopped.  Boy, did I give him an earful when he told me that on the way home!!!   I don’t think it was intentional on Kevin’s part.  He was just trying to be obedient (as with impartation) and since Randy didn’t say all metal he thought he didn’t qualify (despite the fact that God was obviously doing something).  I wish we hadn’t been on cameras at that point because if I’d have been sitting beside him I could have encouraged him to receive it.  Perhaps he didn’t see the point in God’s removing something that didn’t hurt him or reduce his mobility, but I know there are times when he bumps that ankle and it hurts (because of the screws) and also that it would be a tremendous testimony if He did dissolve it!  ~sigh~

Friday was a day to remember.  Great messages through the day, lunch with my sister (who lives just around the corner from the church), and then Kevin and I took Paul King out for dinner and met our pastor at a local restaurant.  We had a good dinner (though we rushed a little) but left Paul with Pastor and they came later.  Tyler, Mary, Connor, and Mary’s friend Brenna also came.  Randy called young people 29 and under forward for impartation after he spoke.  Mary didn’t hesitate but Tyler did.  I was on the camera and looked over my shoulder and said, “GO!”  Kevin had Connor, so they were free.  It sure thrilled my heart to see Randy pray for them.  I had the wide-angle shot and pulled it back so I could leave the camera (I was told I could do that) when Randy called the team to come and minister, so I went and prayed for some of the young people too.  There was a group there from Ohio who were getting blasted.  I didn’t see him, but my pastor had come to the meeting as well and I was told he moved from the back to the front (probably to get a better view).  One of the girls from Ohio (the quietest of the bunch, we were told) was laughing and didn’t stop for a loooong time.  It probably bothered some, but I’m used to it by now.  And every now and again you’d hear someone else in the congregation get “tickled.”  I watched a woman sitting in the seats to the right of me slide out of her seat and onto the floor laughing all the way, lol.  Some really scoff at that type of thing and say,  “What’s the point?”  Well, people need to laugh.  There is healing in laughter, you know.  And it’s not wise to have a critical spirit at these events.  People who do often find themselves doing the very thing they were critical of!  Anyway we closed the place down that night, getting out of there at 11:45.

Did I mention we were sleeping on the floor at my mom’s?  The air mattress had a leak :(  But with the money we saved we decided to purchase the DVDs and bought some books as well (not to mention dinner out).

Saturday Joe McIntyre’s messages were so good, and Paul King did a great job summarizing the conference.  As it was my brother-in-law’s birthday, we left to go meet the family for dinner.  The restaurant we ended up at must have been short-staffed because it took forever, but we had a nice time.  We got back to the conference late, and I sensed something heavy in the place.  There was definitely not a lot of faith.  But it was more than that.  My friend Mary told me later that during worship her feet got stuck to the floor.  She couldn’t sit down for 5 or 10 minutes afterward, and during that time she had a vision (and not a good one) about a Gollum-like creature saying terrible things.  Unbeknownst to her, Randy was going after mental illness, and when he did she realized what was going on.  She said later during ministry time that an Amishman sought her out for prayer, for God to heal him of bipolar and break the generational curse.  She felt led to apologize to him on behalf of parents, siblings, family, friends, church people who put him down or caused him pain.  By the end of it he was weeping and making these strange almost animal sounds.  He’d felt subhuman all his life because he’d been treated that way.  I hope he was delivered through that.

We actually left early, something that caused me a great deal of pain later.  You see, Randy ended up doing impartation again, and you’d better believe I’d have pushed Kevin to the front!  I found out when we got home and I called the kids that they’d stayed and received prayer.  God met my Mary in a very big way, and Tyler said people were falling out all over the place.  I was so upset with myself for having asked Kevin to go.  You see, my youngest son was at my mom’s and I knew he wanted to get back and that we shouldn’t be late on their account.  If there was anyone who waited 39 days in the upper room and then went home then I knew what they must have felt like.  Kevin didn’t understand why I was so upset and said  I need to be patient (which I already know), but Randy doesn’t just do impartation whenever, and it could be years before another opportunity like that presents itself.  I skipped church the next morning because I had a headache and slept until 11:30.  Even then I didn’t get over the disappointment until Kevin got home and I cried again.   But it’s okay.  He said God showed up at church, that the Spirit was there, and I know that he’s begun the same journey I started last June.  Life as he knows it will never be the same (nor will he want it to be).

Last night we had our second “Forum on the Holy Spirit” at church.  For an hour we skirted around the issue, and then as Pastor was closing he asked if anyone had anything else to say.  I went for it, basically saying that I felt the reason the meetings were being held because of what was going on in my life and that they were a way of circumventing the fear that the enemy was trying to spread.  I said a bunch of things, actually, and it’s good that I did.  It was as if there was a collective sigh that at least now it’s in the open.  I explained that for 30 years I was told to pretty much bottle up my emotions and not to seek experiences, etc., so if I swung a little bit too far the other way then they’d just have to love me back to the middle but that my intentions were not to bring division or cause strife.  I do remember sharing about my experience with tongues (that one time so many years ago) but that I earnestly desired them and asked, “What will you do if the Spirit falls on me in the middle of a service?”  Hopefully no one will try to do deliverance on me, lol.  There are a couple people in the congregation who come from Charismatic backgrounds, so it wouldn’t scare them.  But I don’t think the Spirit’s going to do something to me alone.  When (not if) He shows up in a big way, everyone’s going to know it.

So now I’m trying to catch up on the classes I missed last week and other things.  And I’m extremely tired, though that could be the result of the past four or five days.  I probably should get my blood work checked again though.  Let’s see, I think I was supposed to do that in November… :)


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