What’s next?


God is always up to something (I think one of His names must be “Jehovah Sneaky” lol).  Sunday night we had a “Forum on the Holy Spirit” and it was interesting.  I kept my mouth shut for the most part even though I realized the reason for the meeting was most likely because of what I’ve been introducing here and there.  I’d shared something in prayer meeting a couple of weeks ago that made a few people nervous and they must have said something to the pastor, so he thought it wise to be proactive and talk about some of these things rather than allow fear to creep in.  It was a good idea, though interestingly enough some of those who had concerns didn’t come to the meeting.  We didn’t cover a whole lot, but my radar was picking up some interesting vibes.  We’re having another meeting this coming Sunday night.  As Kevin and I are going to the Foundations of Faith conference this week we anticipate having some stories to share!  :)

Speaking of which I’m really looking forward to this conference.  I want my husband to “catch up”, in a sense, and this is a good way as there’s going to be a lot of good, solid teaching.  Not that he’s “behind me” when it comes to anything spiritual, mind you.  On the contrary, he’s not book smart perhaps, but He’s Spirit-filled and is one of the most genuine people I know.  He’s full of integrity, loves the Lord, and is open to what the Spirit has been doing in my life.  I’m really hoping and praying God touches him in a big way down there and that his life is never the same again.

Me?  I must be growing up a little, lol.  I’m not going to get, I want to see others blessed.  I’m certain I’ll learn a lot (I always do), but I’m not expecting or even hoping for a momentous encounter.  I think I’m finally getting that God really wants me to work on renewing my mind.  I suppose that’s how I can “expand my tent” and get ready for what’s ahead.


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