The Missing Ingredient


Good day today.  Randy Clark taught at GSSM and gave a lot of Q&A time to the students.  Then he showed some video from recent trips he’s been on (miracles and such) and healing started to break out.  Seriously.  I’m an online student, but we gather in a chat room and “talk” during class.  One of the students is battling blood/bone cancer (second bout with it) and requested prayer and we started to pray with our fingers as our mouths.  I should have cut and pasted  it all down because it was quite the testimony!  Another student had a word of knowledge for the sacrum and this student grabbed it, saying she had a 3″ hole in hers and had a lot of pain.  So we started to pray and she started to feel warmth in her sacrum and spine.  Randy was made aware of the question she’d originally asked (she was seeking healing and breakthrough so she could begin to do what God had called her to do) and after some questions he prayed as well (the whole onsite class did too) and the warmth continued until the pain was completely gone and she was filled with joy and peace!  It was so awesome!  At the end of class an onsite student gave a testimony that the problem she’d had in her eye with blurriness had cleared up!  No one prayed for her specifically, but something was definitely going on in the room (the level of faith was through the roof)!  We were praying about all kinds of stuff and it just felt as if something was loosed.  Anyway, it was great :)

After working at the church I went over the mountain and did some shopping with a gift card I had (amazing how fast you can blow through one of those!).  Then I met some ladies for dinner to celebrate one of their birthdays.  Finally, there was the GSSM Talent Show which I went on site for.  It was a blast.  I’d entered a short little video and unfortunately they didn’t start it right but oh well.  Here’s a link if you want to watch it.  It’s called The Missing Ingredient.


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