When the cat’s away


…the mice hang out with their girlfriends, lol.  Kevin was away this past weekend on a ski trip with some buddies, so Saturday I went over to my friend Mary’s house.  In the evening a couple other women came over and we began what I hope is a regular time of Bible study and sharing.  I stayed overnight, and in the morning we decided to go to East Gate Church in West Chester.  Part of the reason for that decision was the fact that Mary woke up in the middle of a dream in which the youth pastor was praying for me.  We talked the whole way there so the drive flew by (it’s about an hour and forty minutes from Harrisburg).  It was good to see Valerie from GSI, who heads up their intercession team.  Worship was great (a group from Global was down, and the prophetic painter was someone Mary helped launch).  I tend to worship with my eyes closed but at one point did see the painter was writing something on her painting.  I had to smile when I sat down at the end and read it.  You see, on the way down I was telling Mary that I’m not sure I’ve given God all my heart and all my life and what does that look like anyway?  So I read (on the painting):  “I give you my heart I give you all of me.”   I told her about that afterward, and she gave me the painting :)

Jamie Galloway (the pastor) and his wife were away, so another man spoke.  The message was timely as well and had to do with Saul and David.  Saul was anointed and became king right away.  The Spirit came on him and he became a different man, transformed quickly.  David’s journey to becoming king was much different, he went through “organic growth” and a struggle that lasted years.  I realized I’ve been wanting a Saul experience, partly because of stories others have told me about big, transforming events in their lives.  But God doesn’t have me on that path, and so I must learn to be content with process.  I’m getting there, and that message helped.

Afterward (of course!) I went looking for the youth pastor (they’re friends with Mary) and told him about her dream.  He did pray for me and it turned into impartation and a prophetic word that encouraged me greatly.  When we got back to Mary’s house, she had me do a Flag Page (she and her husband put on the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminars that are a part of Mark Gungor’s ministry).  Anyway, it’s not a personality test, it’s more of a way of finding out what motivates you, what makes you tick.  There are four different “countries” a person can be from.  I’m from Fun Country and Perfect Country, and if you know anything about that I’ll just say that it’s an odd couple, but it helped me understand some things about myself and why I have some areas of internal conflict.  You can do the flag page free if you attend one of their seminars, otherwise you have to purchase them (and I’m not sure what that costs).  It’s worth it, though, if you’re into that kind of thing.

My daughter-in-law is coming over today.  It’s an “over-the-shoulder day” at GSSM and Randy is teaching on deliverance (today and tomorrow actually).  We’re to get snow at some point this morning(enough to mess the roads up).  I plan on going on site tomorrow for class, hanging around for dinner with friends afterward, and then going back to Global for their “talent show.”  I entered a video, and it should be a fun evening!  They’re going to webcast it free (just go to Global Awakening’s website and click on the tab), and anyone can tune in!  Should be loads of fun!


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