That was interesting


I remember after I got saved and started attending a reformed Baptist church that there was a teaching on cults.  Though I don’t believe it now, it was there I was taught that Roman Catholicism was a cult (even though I was assured that “there are some Catholics who are saved”).  Today I sat under a teaching in which Pentecostal brothers and sisters were mentioned, followed by “and some of them are saved.”  Not just Pentecostals, but Charismatics, too, those brothers and sisters who “demand that God heal someone.”   (I have yet to hear one such prayer among my Pentecostal and Charismatic brothers and sisters.)

So during the time of prayer for someone who is battling an illness I prayed, too.  It was definitely a different prayer than I would have prayed a year ago, and I tried to be careful so as not to offend (I sincerely do not want to do that) though it may have raised a few eyebrows, but I believe it is God’s will to heal and that changes everything.  I know I prayed with more confidence than I had a year ago!  Definitely learning what it means to “boldly go before the throne of grace”!  Made me wonder, though, at the end of the service when the minister asked if we could just sing one more song, whether or not my prayer/presence had anything to do with the choice.  That song?  “Old Time Religion.”   I must admit to changing the last line when I sang it :)

Btw I shook the minister’s hand and thanked him for his message before I left.  I believe in the unity of believers, even if some of them may see me as a “them.”


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