A decree inspired by Psalm 7


Headed out the door soon but wanted to say a couple of things.  First, just as an FYI, I added something to my whiny post of a couple of days ago (Chopped Liver).  Those who subscribe aren’t notified of edited posts (to my knowledge) so I wanted to say that I added a P.S. (rather than take it down).

Second, I bought a book when Doug Addison was at Global the other week.  It’s entitled “Decrees Inspired by the Psalms” by Elizabeth A. Nixon, Esq.  There are many benefits to decrees, and I plan to start making it a daily practice.  Here’s one I read today, inspired by Psalm 7…

The great thing about God is that I can trust Him.  His eternal plan protects me, His friendship vindicates me, His presence is my safe and calm retreat.

I am liberated from all the nonsense of the world’s priorities.  He alone is my goal; I pursue Him for no reason other than to enjoy Him.

Jehovah, I give You the highest place of my heart!  You are established as the ruler over my family’s generations.  You are set above.  I ratify your promises over my household.

The justice of the Lord wins every time.  His justice is established over my life.  The rights and privileges of the Kingdom of Heaven are mine.

Deliverance, victory and prosperity are decreed for me.  He has set them in place and established them.  The time of breakthrough is now.

I watched a show on TV last night about Dogs and Cats and one dog owner said something that made me chuckle.  He was referring to a cartoon and in it the dog was asked what time it was and the answer is always “Now!  Now!  Now!”  as it jumped around anxious to play.  Dogs always know what time it is, lol.  I think “now” would be a good word to look up in Strong’s….


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