Stalling. Again.


I have a response paper due by the end of the week. Today I finished my book report on “Intercessory Prayer” and just can’t seem to get going on the other. Book reports are pretty easy, but I struggle with response papers, especially when they’re responding to a question like What is God’s Will Regarding Healing? My brain gets fried just thinking about it :) So I dilly dally around, check my mail, catch up on Facebook, read a little, and then look at the clock and say, “My, where did the time go? Too late to start now! Might as well go to bed….”

Speaking of which, I am still getting up early (this morning around 3:30). This has been going on since around Christmas and at first I was kind of like, “Okay, God, what’s this all about?” Over the course of a few weeks, though, I’ve come to expect it, and I do love mornings. Nothing “dramatic” has happened, though I believe there’s something to be said for being up during the fourth watch, but I still have hope :) Sometimes I’ll put in my earbuds and worship, sometimes I’ll read. This morning I prayed. That reminds me of something…yesterday morning in the half-awake I was dreaming. I only remember one picture from the dream at the very end, and it was two hands coming out of the head of a horse. Whaaaa??? The fingers and thumb were tight (like a karate hand) and they were a couple inches apart. Then as I watched they touched and made a point, like hands praying, and I thought, “Hey, it’s a unicorn!” and woke up thinking about the power (in the horn) was from prayer. At the beginning of GSSM this fall we did a prophetic exercise. Three guesses as to what my partner got for me (and the first two don’t count, lol).

There’s a lot I don’t understand, but I will someday. And in the meantime, it’s sweet to trust. He’s good. He’s so good. :)


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  1. You have a great writing voice and I really like your last line.”It’s sweet to trust. He’s good He’s so good.” Of course by responding to this I probably gave you another excuse to blow off your book report. Don’t do it!

    • Thanks Mark, and it’s still not done but it’s not your fault. I went to bed after I posted, lol. I still have three days…although today’s full and tomorrow’s not looking much better. Oh well, lol :)

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