Prophetic words are slippery


Dale Mast came to Global today. He’s a pastor from Delaware and a regular at GSSM. I’d never heard of him before (that doesn’t surprise you, right?), but I’d been told he was an excellent teacher on the prophetic gift. He impressed me for a number of reasons. First he was very real, sharing his successes as well as his failures, second he had the students do many, many exercises (and the online students did them, too, in the chat room), and third, he gave up his break time for the online students (more on that later). I took some notes and will give them in paragraph form. He spoke about how the whispers of heaven are more powerful than the dramatic stuff and that impressions should not be marginalized. He also said that doubt has a voice of reason but you should let your faith lead you into what you can’t explain. (You won’t get very far in the supernatural if everything has to be explained!) Whenever you line up to bless someone else God will line up with you (because He is a blesser!). Ask God to give you His love for them. If you get His love for them, you might get His words for them! Keep in mind, though, that if you don’t honor someone’s time, your prophetic word becomes a curse! Demanding someone’s time is a point of abuse. Re the gifts of God, it will take all the faith you have to receive what God has for you, and all the character you can get to maintain it.

At the first break he came over to the table where the online facilitator sits, had them turn the camera on him, and asked if any of the students had any questions. No one said anything, so I told him thank you and told him that I appreciated the first exercise (which dealt with fear) and that I was dealing with that in my own life. So he says he has a prophetic word for me! I wasn’t prepared. I tried to jot down a few things but he spoke very fast. In hindsight I wish I’d have grabbed my camera, put it on movie mode, and hit record, but it all happened so quick. As the classes are put on VOD for the online students I was praying it was also being taped, but alas, it wasn’t. I have problems enough with my memory, but prophetic words are the slipperiest of all words to remember. I will say this, though: he nailed it. I have absolutely no doubt that word was from the Lord, starting from the first picture (don’t ask) through the battle at the gate of the stronghold to the “something happening to me when I was 15” (that’s when my dad left). And I wasn’t even in the room, this was over the Internet! He saw a name on the screen, asked God to give him a picture and took off from there. It’s given me fresh hope, and even though I missed writing some things down, I got the gist of it. God’s Word won’t return to Him void.

Later in the afternoon I had a session with Richard and I had an “ah ha” moment. All satan has to do is get us to believe a lie and we do his work for him. Well, I realized during our conversation that I could employ a tactic I learned while fasting in my current battle, i.e., flip the negative to a positive. For instance, when I would get hungry during the fast I would say (usually out loud), “I’m hungrier for God.” Lately I’ve been barraged with certain thoughts, and I began to see that what was happening was the enemy wanted me to believe those thoughts were there because there was something wrong with me. In fact, I’m having them because of a deep longing to be loved by God in a way that rocks my world! So from now on whenever he tries that tactic, I’m going to say, “I am longing to be loved by you, God!”

On a side note, yes I changed my blog theme. I kept getting a message that my current theme had been replaced, so I figured I’d better find something new before they picked it for me (well actually they did but I didn’t want that one). Doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a blog or Facebook or whatever, they can’t leave well enough alone and are always changing things. It’s a good thing change doesn’t scare me anymore :)


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