Everybody’s looking for something


Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed looking for things.  I used to love Highlights magazine and their hidden pictures, and what’s not to like about Easter Egg hunts?  Once I realized there was no Santa Claus I sneaked around the house looking for gifts (and sometimes finding them, and carefully unwrapping them to see what they were!).  One of the earliest “careers” I’d thought of studying for was archaeology, as much for the imagined thrill of finding fossils and dinosaur bones as the potential to discover lost civilizations.  If I’d have been smarter, I’d love to have become a microbiologist to search for cures for diseases (I loved looking through microscopes into that miniature, hidden world).  It’s no wonder, then, that I’d choose metal detecting for a hobby.  More than once I’ve been called upon to help someone find lost rings.  Today was one of those days.

A few weeks back my husband overheard someone ask if they knew anyone with a metal detector, and that’s how I met Dave.  Thirty plus years ago he was hunting and killed a buck.  After it was gutted he shook the blood off his hands, and it wasn’t until later he realized his wedding band was gone.  Today we went for a little walk in the woods to try to find it.  I wasn’t as optimistic as I was at first when when I realized he wasn’t quite sure he’d gutted the deer.  It’s one thing to cover a 50-foot square piece of somebody’s yard, but it’s entirely different when you’re talking woodland.  There were trees down and lots of brambles up!  But I gave it my best shot and did find a shotgun shell (not quite what I was looking for). I’d like to have posted a picture of a smiling man holding a gold ring but all you get is brambles just to show you what I was dealing with (kind of hard to swing a detector back and forth in that stuff!).

We’re all searching for something, and Someone is searching for us. I got to thinking about that ring in the ground for thirty years and it got me wondering about a lot of things, like the pearl of great price that was buried in a field, and how the Bible says that it’s the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings is to search it out. And why does God have to be so mysterious anyway? How does it work that we’re to search for Him with all our heart and then we’ll find Him and yet He’s the Good Shepherd that goes in search of the one, He’s the one who finds us? We live our lives searching for answers that we don’t always get. And then I wonder if we had all the answers, where would the need for trust be?

I’m content to keep searching because He keeps showing me pieces of His heart, and they are like gold when I find them :)


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