The God of Surprises


It’s Christmas night, and the festivities are winding down.  Actually the rest of the family is downstairs watching Kung Fu Panda but I came upstairs during a break.  Every once in a blue moon I’ll be in the mood to watch something, but for the most part am not so interested in movies anymore.  It was a nice day though.  This morning we went to church and it was a good service.  The kids came mid-afternoon for an early dinner and hung around.  I smell popcorn, so I’m sure ice cream will soon follow.  Better stay up here or I’ll eat some and regret it later, lol.

Christmas Eve is when we traditionally open presents, and this year was special having a grandson as part of the mix, though he was a bit fussy.  We don’t spend a lot on gifts for each other but put a lot of thought into what we do buy.  I usually shop throughout the year, and if someone makes a comment at any point about wanting or liking something it gets logged away in a special part of my brain, the what-to-get-them-for-Christmas file.  I’ve already got some ideas for next year’s stocking stuffers.

When it comes to gifts, I feel as if I’ve been blessed with the some of the best a person can receive–a loving husband, two great kids, a daughter-in-law who’s very dear to me, and now a grandson!  Oh, and good health, relatively speaking :)  So I can honestly say I’ve been very blessed.  But I want more of Him, and by that I mean more of His presence and love.  These past few days I’ve been so busy with getting ready for and then going to parties, etc., that I haven’t had (or taken) the time to be alone with Him.  He’s still there, waiting, and I know He’s not upset with me.  He’s gonna give me more!  Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness WILL be filled :)  Keep me hungry, Lord!

Christmas blessings to each and every one of you!  And Happy Birthday, Jesus.  You’re awesome and my love for you grows every day!  Thank you for being born not just at Bethlehem but in my heart, for turning my stable into a temple  :)



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