He called him “friend”


Despite all the ways Facebook can be wonderful, there are others that aren’t so, and none are worse than when someone “unfriends” you, especially when it’s someone you’ve known for years.  Even worse when they’re believers.  As hard as I try not to, I can still offend people at times.  It’s never intentional but that doesn’t matter in the end.  It is inevitable that “rubs” in relationships come, but how we respond to them makes all the difference in the world.  Could I have done a better job responding and avoided this pain?  Perhaps.  Then again, maybe not.  So I live and learn and move on, praying for more grace for everyone involved.

People take up offenses because they want to.  Period.  I stopped wanting to a while ago, and I refuse to do it now.  If anyone in the world had a right to be mad and/or offended at someone it was Jesus.  Think of it, Judas shows up in the garden and has the audacity to betray Him with a kiss!  A KISS!  Wow.  And what did He do?  He called him “friend.”   So that’s what I do now.  They can push a button on a page but that doesn’t really change anything on my end.  I will still call them friend.



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