Life’s a blur


My days seem to be blurring together lately.  I don’t have much “down time” at all, and though I’m not complaining, I think sometimes I leave people hanging when I post about something coming up and then it comes and goes and you never hear about it again!  I guess no news is good news.  Except when it’s not, lol.

There have been a lot of good speakers at GSSM.  Titus Lee was there the past two days and taught on itinerant ministry, which was very interesting and educational.  One of the things he said was that destiny is something that you are, not something that you do.  I’m still trying to get the switch to flip on the identity thing.  It’s slowly sinking in, or rising up, or whatever it does.  Sometimes I literally can “feel” that I’m getting it, and that feeling is akin to something trying to burst out of me (if that makes any sense).  So far that has been a passing feeling and nothing’s actually happened.  God’s up to something, though.  He’s always up to something :)

Tomorrow Shara Pradham comes to GSSM and I’m going on site.  She and her team are going to prophecy over the first-year students.  When they came to GSI in June I was blown away.  I’ve not really had any prophetic words since then (that speak into my persona like that), so I am looking forward to what God’s going to reveal tomorrow.  There are some things I’ve been talking to Him about, and it would be great to actually get some answers (hey, it happens that way sometimes!).  But if not I’ll keep pressing in.  What else can I do?


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