Living a Life Without Limits


Ron McIntosh came to GSSM today.  I hadn’t heard of him before but have already put some of his books and CDs on my Christmas wish list.  I took nine pages of notes (I’d never broken into a sweat taking notes before, but this man talks 90 miles an hour!).  His entire focus today was on identity, which is crucial to living a life without limits.  Christians need to know who God is, what He has already done, and who He has made them to be.  You have to know Him, not about Him.  Many people know the Book but don’t know the Author.  It’s a call to intimacy.  You have to know what He’s already done.  Sometimes we try to get Him to do what He’s already done instead of receiving it by grace through faith.  And if you don’t know who you are, you can’t operate the way He told you to operate.  Once you understand who God is, what He’s done and who He’s made you to be, you don’t need to have a revival break forth because revival is already alive inside of you!

We have a limitless gospel but we often lead limited lives.  I believe it’s God’s will for people to be set free, to be healed, to prosper! So why do we see so many who are not?  Why do so many Christians seem  to be at the same level year after year?  Because of weights and hindrances in our lives.  Every bad thing that happen is a result of sin, either mine, Adam’s, or someone else’s.  Terrorism is someone else’s sin, but it affects the way I operate.  What is the biggest problem among serious believers? The inability to change. We often keep the same problems for a lifetime. When you’re faced with temptation you either go back to what you used to do or you go to God. The only reason a person sins is to meet a need in their life.

He then spoke about renewing the mind.  Did you know that in your mind there are two chambers, a conscious mind and a subconscious mind?  The job of the conscious mind is to determine what you believe. The job of the subconscious mind is to make what you believe come to pass.  95% of the decisions you make come out of your subconscious mind. Habits, consistency, and comfort zones are the job of the subconscious mind. Those comfort zones can be a good or bad thing. When you create habits and comfort zones you create an automatic belief system. It’s what psychologists call a set point. That’s where you hit and you stop and you hit and you stop because that’s what you believe. Your subconscious mind is working at keeping you where you believe. Psychologists tell us that by the time you graduate from high school you’ve already determined what you can or cannot do. Ideas and actions contrary to a person’s core value system (what’s in their spirit) will not be accepted or acted upon if they are contrary to his or her personal belief system (in their soul). If your soul and spirit do not line up you will not accept information to the dimension that you need to. I think I have some of that going on.

I’m going to cut and paste my raw notes for the next section…

There are four steps to renewing the mind and establishing your heart:

  1. Cognitive dissonance – mental discord. Understanding the source of your thinking, your home, school, teacher, friends, parents, all help create mindsets and certain expectations on your life. You have to understand what the source of your thinking is, why you think the way you think. Set points self-sabotage yourself to keep yourself at the same level. Look into a different mirror! Go from faith to faith, strength to strength, and glory to glory! No matter what you do consistently persistently…. Cognitive thinking is duality or duplicity in your thinking. James 1. You overcome with cognitive restructuring. Two steps to this: emotional implantation (somebody jerks the slack out of your chain and you wake up: I don’t have to be this way anymore!). We respond to an altar call, the power of God comes on us, something happens and we say, “Wait a minute, I’m going to move into the fullness of my future!” The second is repetition. As I come out of that, it’s not how much I go down but how positive I am when I come up. Being touched by God is not the end of something it’s the beginning. Do it over and over and over until you see things differently. Joshua 1:8
  2. Confession. You have to learn to confess the Word of God. You have to learn to confess the truth, not to confess your circumstances. Most of us are busy confessing our circumstances we can’t confess the truth of the Word of God. How you confess makes all the difference in the world. When you confess a thing (self-talk) personal, present tense, and positive. You confess it, it gets into your belief system 25%. If you confess it with imagination it gets in 55%. Imagination and emotion, it gets in 100%.
  3. Consistency. 21 days to create a new habit. Pain-pleasure principle.
  4. Conation. A big fancy psychology term which means to pursue a thing. You can’t stop me unless you kill me. There is such a persistence inside of you that says I won’t take no for an answer when I know God has said yes! Those who take the kingdom take it by force!

Tomorrow he’s going to get into some of the nitty gritty of this and I’m really looking forward to it!  Stay tuned :)



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