He gives to His beloved


…even in His sleep.  Or in this case her sleep. :)

I got a few downloads last night, one just as I fell asleep and another sometime this morning.  The first was a picture of my left hand, and it was glistening with oil.  I’d been thinking about the stuff I wrote about last night and I’m sure I was asking questions.  At some point, just as I was nodding off, God gave me that picture and I remember saying, “Thank you, Jesus” as I fell asleep.  It was another confirmation that I’m on the right track.  The second is harder for me to explain because it was a series of dreams of which I don’t remember the specifics, but one word was woven through them all:  practice.  All righty then.  :)

That word, btw, was not spoken, it was an impression.  I’m beginning to realize that for now that seems to be the primary way God speaks to me.  Sure it would be nice to actually hear His voice (and I do on occasion), but I’ve actually been “hearing” it for years.  He used poetry to teach me that, which is one reason why I enjoyed writing so much.  When He shows up and starts to dance with me (He’s quite the “line dancer” lol), I have so much fun!  I always loved watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and believe me, I felt like Ginger when that happened!  I didn’t care that I was flying backwards on high heels, I knew Who had a hold of me and that it was going to be a wild ride :)  He often left me breathless…and I miss that (I haven’t written any poetry for months now).

I’m not sure why God chose that primary way to speak to me.  It certainly seems to make things more difficult when it comes to trying to “hear” him while I’m out living real life and not holed up in my safe, comfy den in front of a screen, just me and God and all the time in the world.  For the most part when I wrote poetry it was when I felt inspired.  But then I go to GSI and need something to happen NOW and I freaked inside and shut down.  There’s something about being put on the spot that does that to me, so maybe there was a traumatic event or two in the past, I don’t know, but I don’t like being put on the spot for any reason, even a good one.  I don’t play games that have timers (like Perfection, the one that “blows up” as you’re trying to fit little pieces into slots), and I don’t like running late and feeling rushed.  Hmm…..

In any event, it’s probably better that I get impressions or I might be tempted to do the “Thus saith the Lord” thing.  Much harder to say “Thus impresseth the Lord” lol.


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