Well, it was a nice thought…


Trisha Frost from Shiloh Place Ministries has been at GSSM this week, and today I got the brainy thought to take my sister and mom to the Father’s Heart conference she’ll be holding in Williamsburg in December.  I have a certificate to an RCI resort so I looked them up online, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s one just around the corner from the church (and two miles from historic Williamsburg)!  Perfect!  We could take in Williamsburg at Christmas the first half of the week and then do the conference!  So I gave my mom and sister a call and it sounded like a go.  Tonight I got a call from my sister that that’s not going to work because it’s the first week of deer season.  Since her husband will be hunting she can’t be away that long because of the dogs they have.  Major bummer.  Well, it was a nice thought while it lasted.  Glad I didn’t make the reservation, because you have to use it or lose it once you book.

The weather was pleasant today so I got some weeding done in the lower flowerbed, pulling up the dying tomato and pepper plants and cutting back a rogue bush.  I dug up some carrots and Kevin says they’re really sweet!  I love this time of year and especially enjoy the smell of leaves burning.  I went to Perry Village (a local retirement home) this afternoon to get my PPD read (it was negative).  Have to get another one in a week.  Not sure what I’m going to be doing but hopefully whatever it is it’ll bring smiles to some of their faces.  They were having a Halloween party on Monday when I went and it was pretty cute seeing some of the older folks in their costumes.  I am working on building up callouses on my fingers again, so maybe I’ll take my guitar when I go.  Guess I’d better start working on some Christmas songs!

I just finished Larry Randolph’s “User Friendly Prophecy” and also “Original Breath” and am now reading Kris Vallotton’s “The Supernatural Ways of Royalty.”  The past couple of days have been good but tonight I got upset about something and realized, again, that I expect too much from other Christians.  In a way I think it’s fair to set the bar higher for them (myself included), but everyone’s at a different place in their personal journey and it’s not right for me to get upset by something I was probably guilty of myself just a few years ago.  ~sigh~


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