Today I head down to Lancaster to attend the Voice of the Apostles.  There’s a free live feed for any who are interested.  I went to Voice of the Prophets in April and that was where I had the paradigm shift that started me on this journey.  I’m looking forward to VOA and will be staying at Ferne’s house with some friends and commuting to the conference.

Yesterday was a busy day.  After working at the church for an hour or so I spent the afternoon preparing and also getting some things done around the house.  The windstorm the other day brought down a bunch of leaves and so I raked them up before mowing later.  I also picked the rest of the hot peppers, cut them up, and have them drying in the dehydrator.  I brought in the plants before frost comes (which will be soon).  The wash is done and the house looks pretty good.  Kevin will get home Saturday night and I’ll still be down there, but Matt will hold down the fort.

I had the house to myself last night and spent some time on my face and then on my feet with the music cranked.  “Be Lifted High” is currently looping (that’s one of the ones I listened to).  I also thought a lot about the “chest full of armor and weapons” I was told I have.  They look as if they’re too big for me (kind of like prophetic words do), but they’re mine and they’re there to make mincemeat out of the enemy.  I think of David and how they tried to put the king’s armor on him.  In the end he chose five small stones.  I went to bed fired up, fingering the stones in my pocket, running toward the jeers.

This morning, in that half-asleep-half-awake state where so much seems to happen something did.  I was looking in a mirror and saw something in my ear.  It was small and at first I thought it was a tick so I grabbed a hold of it and started to pull.  And I kept pulling as this stringbean-like white thing kept coming out.  In the end it was about eight inches long and had the snarling “face” of one of those ugly deep-sea fish.  One more jeerleader bites the dust.  I won’t be hearing from that one anymore!

I’m not sure what to pray for these next few days.  I don’t pretend to know what I need when it comes to this battle I’m in, but I do know that I want more of Him and plan to center my attention on lifting Him high.  Worship is a beautiful thing.


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