Ready or not…


…here I go! Well, I’m all packed and hopefully haven’t forgotten anything. This missions trip with Global is going to be unlike any other I’ve ever been on and I’m full of excitement. It’s a good thing I’m exhausted or I probably wouldn’t sleep tonight, lol.

This morning at church pastor asked me to come up and others came as well and they prayed for me. God actually gave him a picture when he was praying for me this week of what he saw me doing!!! Yay God! I was then given the opportunity to speak and did so for about five or six minutes. In the past when I’ve been up front for something I usually got pretty nervous, but not this time. This time was different. Something’s starting to shift already. I’m praying Brazil is a life changer for me.

I realize I didn’t post about last night and Philip Mantofa’s sermon. Before he started he had us stand up and turn to the side and massage the shoulders of the person in front of us. There was a woman in front of me and she was on the aisle so Philip came down at one point and stood in front of her and she started to massage his shoulders and got blasted and fell over laughing! Then he turned and walked past and though I don’t remember what he said he swung his arm as he walked by and I and the young man beside me got “pushed over” even though he didn’t touch us! Wow.

I did purchase the mp3s of the event and look forward to listening to everything again because I had a pretty bad headache last night. I will tell you though that he brought a lot of people to tears (including myself) just describing his love for the lost. My love for others is so cold by comparison, and while I know we’re not to compare there is a place for it. He didn’t pray for people individually at the end but had everyone stand up. It was something because during other times of ministry people would rush forward, but this time no one dared move. It was as if the fear of God had fallen on everybody. He told us to come forward and hold hands and we did. He kept singing a song that he sings during his private time and walking back and forth on the stage. We were worshiping and then began to pray for God to break our hearts. And we had our arms raised and at one point he came over and disconnected my hand from the young man’s beside me and took it. I don’t remember exactly what he prayed (my head was throbbing at this point), but I was praying “Break my heart, Lord!” and it didn’t take long before I was down. I wish I hadn’t fallen, because something was happening and as soon as he let go it stopped. I felt as if a fire was starting to burn in my chest and I thought, “This is it! Here we go!” Okay so maybe that was the wrong thing to think, but I don’t think it’s what stopped it.

In any event, I leave tomorrow and am fighting a cold and still have that headache off and on. The enemy’s been throwing fiery darts at me all day but God is faithful and has given me everything I need to fend him off. I’m going to have the privilege of fighting on the front line. I want to be a warrior.


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