The gloves are off


The Furious Love conference at Global started last night. Robbie Dawkins spoke a powerful message and afterward called out anyone who had a headache. A young woman went forward and he prayed for healing and God healed her on the spot. It took three prayers, but she was healed! (For some reason praying for Christians takes longer.) He then had her pray (he led her) for someone with neck pain. Quite a few people came up actually, and he could only do a few, but one of the students from GSSM had a powerful encounter during the prayer and when it was over the pain she’d had in her neck and back for a year and a half was gone!

I am sure (judging by some of the faces during worship) that such “encounters” may make some people uncomfortable or at least raise eyebrows, but God is powerful and the human body is a vessel made of clay. It just amazes me to see Him work!

The past couple of days have been tough ones. The attack on my mind has been pretty much relentless and I let my guard down, entertaining thoughts I shouldn’t have. While I don’t believe demons can read my mind, they can invade my thoughts, and they’ve been doing that. There’s a reason we’re told to take every thought captive! The thing is, you can’t cast out habits (which includes wrong thinking); they need to be replaced. This is work, folks. And though I feel somewhat beaten up, the gloves are off and I’m not taking it anymore. All authority, ALL authority has been given to me. We gave Satan dominion over the earth in the garden, but Jesus got it back and gave it to us. We are to have dominion over the earth. Tell me, what are we made of?

Before I went to bed I prayed and asked God to come to me in my dreams. He always does, though I don’t always remember it. This morning He gave me a picture and it’s all I needed because I was talking to someone about picking myself up, dusting myself off, and getting back in the saddle. The picture was of a little girl being lifted into a big saddle. I know who that little girl was.


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