Furious Love Conference


Trying to sneak in a post at the lunch break. This conference has been phenomenal, folks. I’d never heard of Robby Dawkins before I watched Furious Love, and I’d never heard him speak before, but it was amazing. I have two pages of scribbled notes and tons of stories I’d love to share! All I can say is if you ever have the opportunity to hear this man speak, don’t pass it up. He spoke a lot about his experiences in reaching out to people. We’d like to have a risk-free faith, but there is no such animal. We live in expectancy and we shouldn’t fear failure, we should embrace it! Give it a name! Give it a room in your house!!! One of his biggest “failures” was in trying to raise a dead man in Puerto Rico. Twenty-five people gathered around in this park while he worked on him, pleaded with God, laid across his chest, and when he finally gave up those people were crying, not because the man wasn’t brought back but because of his obvious faith in God! Half those people came to church the next day and many were saved. So the dead were brought to life, no? Here’s the thing, I must fail to die to self. God can use failures, but He cannot use quitters.

He spoke of a teacher he had in school, saying how he went up to her and told her she was a bad teacher because no one ever got 100% on her tests. Her response? “If you don’t fail, I don’t know where to teach you. I need to know where you need to learn.” Needless to say, his opinion of her teaching abilities changed, lol.

If all you ever do is pray for Christians, you’re going to get depressed!!! His opening line? “I’m just looking for people to pray for.” If they say no thank you, “Well, then can I give you a blessing?” Often before he approaches someone or reaches out he’ll get a cold chill down his spine. Know what that is? CONFIRMATION!

Learning to hear from God is important. Sometimes God’s direction can fall like a feather on your arm, easy to brush off and ignore. Or we wait for some booming voice! We stand back 25 feet from an automatic door and say, “Lord, if you open that door, I will walk through it!” But you have to approach it for it to open! It senses you and it opens!

Another example he used was of a police office who’s pulled someone over. He doesn’t call back to the chief of police and say, “Can I arrest them?” Are you kidding? But that’s what we do. We’ve been given ALL authority on heaven and on earth. Satan is a usurper. We need to serve him an eviction notice. The kingdom of this world HAS BECOME the Kingdom (capital K) of our God and of His Christ! It has not been annihilated, not done away with, it has been taken back! We need to act like we believe it.

Darren Wilson spoke in the second portion and shared his testimony, which was also phenomenal. He spoke about meeting the angel “Breakthrough” at Toronto back in 2005. Incredible testimony. After he spoke he said there were breakthrough angels in this place. You could feel the charge in the room. Lots of people went forward, including myself, for breakthrough. I received prayer from him and from Will Hart. And I heard Will say, “He’s all over you” and down I went, and I don’t understand how God can be all over me and I not feel it (aside from falling down!). But as I stood there waiting I was telling God that I’m going to believe and trust you regardless of whether I “feel” anything or not, regardless of whether anything happens, regardless of whether I have an encounter. I may never get the breakthrough I want, but I have no doubt that someday things will shift. Until then, I have work to do. I have a kingdom to take back, and it doesn’t matter whether I feel like I have authority or not. I have it because He says I do.

Time to get back inside. Phillip Mantofa is up next. No idea what to expect except to say that I know God’s gonna show up again…not that He ever left, mind you :)


Philip Mantofa spoke this afternoon and it was (again) an incredible message. I don’t know why with some people I take more notes, but it’s not to reflect on the quality of the sermon. He spoke about love and how everything we do must function out of that. That’s the goal! He speaks again tomorrow night and is going to talk about power. This man moves in incredible power.

I had the chance to talk with Will Hart after Philip spoke. I asked him how come you say God’s all over me and I don’t feel anything? He said he’s been asked that question a thousand times. Wish I could remember conversations better because I don’t remember exactly what he said (and I don’t want to misquote him), but the conclusion I’ve come to is I NEED TO CHILL OUT, lol. So tonight I’m going to have fun and just enjoy whatever God does or doesn’t do. It’s worth it to be here just for the worship anyway, and I’m learning so much! But sometimes if you expect something to happen in a particular way you miss out on what is actually happening. Does that make any sense? I’m surprised as how much lighter I feel already! :))) So here’s to another exciting night at Global, where one never knows what will happen other than the surety that God is going to show up! I love this place :)


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