Living Jesus Conference, Day 1


Global is hosting a three-day “Living Jesus Conference” with Will Hart, Bob Hazlett, and Jamie Galloway speaking. Today Will Hart spoke in the morning, Bob in the afternoon, and Will again in the evening. God got a hold of Will when he was 17 or 18 and he had some incredible stories to share about his walk with the Lord. He also had some great one-liners, such as “If you don’t know why you exist, then you have no idea where you’re going” and “Being perfectly loved kills all striving.” He raised lots of good questions, one being “Why is it that when something supernatural happens, people think it’s Satan?” (Frequently when he gives a word of knowledge people will say, “Are you psychic?”) In any event, the man is a dynamo and a great speaker too. I look forward to the Furious Love Conference the end of next week!

In the afternoon Bob Hazlett spoke and took some of the scary out of the prophetic. He had us do a couple of exercises, and actually they were the same ones we did at GSI, but this time I relaxed a bit. The first starts with “You’re the type of person who….” and the second is to ask God to give you a picture of an animal for that person and then speak into it. My partner for the second exercise was Tiffany and I got a picture of a giraffe. It turns out that two nights ago she celebrated her birthday with some friends and I don’t know the story behind it, but they were talking about “siamese giraffes” and that became the joke of the evening, they kept referring to it. I guess God wanted her to laugh some more. It was the first time I felt like, wow, I really can hear from the Lord! Btw, she laughed when she got the picture for me and then said, “This is going to sound strange, but I see a unicorn. God is creating something brand new, a brand new creation, and the horn is a symbol of power. For any GSI students who read this, you’ll appreciate the fact that another person in the room was given the unicorn picture as well, and that was Prem! :) His interpretation was a little different than mine, though.

We had two outreaches today, the first over lunch (which was with Ben, David Lopez, and two other online students) at ABC on Market Street. After we were done eating Ben told the waitress that we were practicing giving encouraging words and could we try it on her. She was receptive and he went first. I went next. I had a picture like someone in a circus that’s balancing plates on sticks and I asked her if she was very busy. She said she had four jobs! I told her I believed that a season of rest was coming. The second outreach was over dinner but we didn’t really go out to dinner. First we went to Ollies because I had an errand to run, but while we were there I felt drawn to a worker who was refolding slacks for a display. So I started up a conversation and discovered her husband is without a job. Her name was Chris and his was Andrew, and I prayed for him to find work. I go to Ollies occasionally so I’ll look her up.

But by far the most significant thing of the day was Will Hart’s impartation. After a great time of worship and another stirring message, Will began to prophesy over the class that there were anointings and gifts God was going to hand out and that we needed to step out. So most of the class went forward and waited. He’s walking up and down the line praying for God to pour out His Spirit. Even though I tell myself I’m going to stand there with my eyes open, I usually don’t. So my eyes were closed when he stopped in front of me. He said, “Wow,” and then he started to pray. About five seconds later he blew on my forehead and down I went. I think I was down for about a half hour, I don’t know, talking to God the whole time, trying to listen but not hearing anything, thoughts spinning, tears flowing. At some point the guy next to me starts to laugh and it’s contagious. Others break out too. Eventually I’m able to sit up (I was magnetized to the floor for a while) and as the worship team started to play I began to worship again. Will Hart said a few more words about the destiny of this class and then looked at me and called me out and gave me a specific prophetic word that reduced me to tears again. My friend Mary came over five minutes later and sat with me and hugged me while I cried into her shoulder.

You’d think that would be enough for one day, but I get home and there’s a Facebook message from a friend: “I received a word for you this week. I don’t have my log with me but it is “You are about to take off” I don’t know why I didn’t deliver it to you before now but the Lord’s timing is perfect.”

10, 9, 8, 7……


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