What was I thinking?


Today was my first day to log in and follow the online class at Global. Technically I wouldn’t have had to until tomorrow but I’m glad I did. Max Myers went over some things regarding the trip to Brazil and after a break some video was shown from the Toronto outpouring. He also talked some about the differences between Toronto and Brownsville, the first being more of a blessing and the second of repentance. The picture quality wasn’t very good, but it was interesting listening to the interviews complete with the sounds of revival in the background. I logged in to the chat and got to meet some of the other online students, so that was good, too. After class I went to the church and worked then went to the store, did the dinner thing, caught up with email and worked on my Portuguese for an hour (it’s getting much more difficult). I’m not sure what I was thinking when it came to how much time the classes would take, but today it hit me how busy I’m going to be. More than a little, that’s for sure.

All day it has been raining off and on, though the sun peeked through for a few seconds at one point. It’s amazing how much that can lift one’s spirits. I have one friend who we helped move into a new apartment a month ago and she’s been flooded out, now staying with a friend in Liverpool. Another I’m told was moving to the second floor of her house (she’s already stranded and her husband can’t get to her). She’s moving her elderly mother up there with her. I don’t know what’s happening to the cattle in their barn. That’s the least of their problems though. My heart goes out to them and I’ve been praying for safety and protection and that God would give them peace through all this. I sit here in this dry house and so many others are losing theirs :( There’s going to be a lot of work to do when the water finally recedes. At this point it’s coming close to the record set in ’72 when Hurricane Agnes came through. The Susquehanna won’t crest until sometime Saturday. And I hear they’re going to start releasing more water from the Raystown Dam. Not good.

So that’s been on my mind, as has the anniversary of 9/11 coming up. Ten years ago we didn’t have cable. I remember going to a neighbor’s house (her reception wasn’t very good) and seeing the first tower hit, then my husband calling not long after saying the other was. I’ll never forget that day, how beautiful it was, and how it seemed for weeks afterward it was devoid of contrails. I didn’t see the towers fall or any of that until some time later after we got cable. And not until recently did I see some of the more graphic pictures such as the “falling man” which made me weep. This morning’s talk on Story Corp (NPR) and also the interview about the cadaver dogs at Shanksville had the same effect. Did you know that there was so much carnage everywhere that the dogs just sat down? That was a moving interview. I want to take a trip out there either this fall or in the spring.


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