Global School of Supernatural Ministry


Or GSSM for short. Today was the first day for onsite students. Onliners got to watch the introduction of staff and a short message by Max Myers, the director of the school. I had mixed emotions while watching it, most notably a strong desire to actually BE there again (I attended a three-week summer intensive in June). I recognized some of this year’s students from GSI as well, although Matt doesn’t have his blue hair anymore (and it doesn’t stand up it just lies, mane-like, to the side). There’s a greeting on the first page of the GSSM page at Global Awakening’s website where Max states: There is a new wine skin being developed for the new outpouring that is coming. We will call what is coming “new,” but in reality it is going to be a restoration of His original design. God is all about restoration. The church that is being prepared to arise in power will reflect the values and culture of Heaven, not the values and culture in which we live. This is your snapshot of what we are about at Global School of Supernatural Ministry. (GSSM) It is no longer about putting “Band-Aids” on hearts, bodies, homes and culture. It is about walking in Kingdom anointing and power that frees hearts, heals bodies, restores homes and transforms culture. What we carry, what we train, and what we impart at GSSM is not natural. It is supernatural.

In his message today he spoke about this year being “big.” I know others feel the same way and are full of expectation. For me, it is as much about unlearning as it is about learning as I have years of cessationist thinking to replace with revelation (and I hope many encounters) from my flat-out incredible God. I like what Max said, “The bottom line is we have a God that does the impossible.” When he said that, my Divine D.J. played the tape and I heard Shanna say, “He makes the impossible possible for you, beloved!” That was just before her prayer of impartation which I believe by faith I have received but for which I am still awaiting activation. In His timing and in His way. Sometimes you have to tear down before you can build up.

Time to log off and do my Portuguese lesson. They keep getting harder and I keep having to repeat them, but I’m not giving up!


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