A catch-up post


I haven’t been so good about blogging lately. My “spare” time is being gobbled up by Rosetta Stone (I’m learning Portuguese in anticipation of the trip to Brazil in October). That’s going pretty well although today I hit a wall and just couldn’t remember some things I thought I knew. In any event, I’m not giving up and am really enjoying learning another language. Wish I’d have done this years ago!

Our trailer is okay. Kevin and I actually went down late Friday night and all day Saturday we cleaned up. There was a ton of debris down but no branches through the rubber roof (thank the Lord!). I did a lot of raking and burning of leaves. Kevin washed the outside of the trailer (it was a mess). I got to enjoy some hang time in the hammock on Saturday night and we had a great trip. Only spent an hour on the beach Sunday but got to help some people out, including some young girls who had walked all the way from the beach to the outhouses (where we were parked taking air out of our tires). They opened the doors of each one and wouldn’t go in and I couldn’t blame them. I offered them the use of my sandals, for which they were very grateful. Hey, it washes off, lol. So then we follow a truck onto the access road to the beach and I’m thinking this isn’t good because they’d let no air out of their tires. We scooted around them once the trail opened up. After we parked we looked back and sure enough they were stuck, so back we went. Turns out she realized once she got on the access road that she couldn’t go on the beach (didn’t have a surf permit) but thought she could just go turn around on the sand and everything would be okay. Fortunately the driver didn’t keep trying to get unstuck. All we had to do was let 55 pounds of pressure (yes, 55!!!) out of her tires and Kevin hopped in and turned it around for them. It was her boyfriend’s new truck and she didn’t have an air gauge. Hopefully they found one and got it taken care of.

No grandson yet, though the kids are over right now (watching NCIS). We’ve been with spotty Internet for a couple of days so I thought I should write in case it goes out again. Gonna be a busy week…


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