A renewed focus


I’m happy to report my headache’s gone. Had a toss-and-turn night last night, lots of dreams I don’t remember other than to say some of them were unpleasant. Kevin and Matt came back mid-afternoon. If they’d have waited until yesterday to go down (the original plan) they wouldn’t have been allowed in. Some people weren’t allowed into the docks to pull their boats out. That’s not good. We just got a call from Tom (my brother-in-law who lives in Elkton, MD) that their power is out. No rain here yet, and no wind to speak of. I think most of the effects of Irene will be felt to our east (we’re on the edge).

Speaking of on the edge, I’ve been that this week. But I started listening to a series of teachings by Jimmy Nimon on the prophetic and it was the kick-but (one T!) that I needed. I shared with a friend earlier that I am uncomfortable with what I perceive as a “need to perform” (which was why GSI outreach was so difficult for me). While I know it’s not ME, the problem has been that in the area of hearing from God my “ears and eyes” are underdeveloped. That needs to be my focus. He’s got my attention, and that’s a good thing. One of the things Jimmy said had to do with receiving. It’s not the passive thing that I was making it. Think about how you receive something. You reach out and pull it in to yourself. God has provided everything I need, but I have to take hold of it. Something’s shifting, and that’s a good thing.


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