Tough week


I’ve had a headache since Tuesday and the lethargy I struggled with last fall seems to have returned. I don’t “do” tired very well, and have been short with myself and others. I don’t know what’s up, but I know Someone who does! Now if I could just get Him to tell me :)

Kevin went down to the shore last night to batten down the hatches in preparation for Irene. Hopefully no trees will fall on the camper and the flooding won’t reach that far inland. This storm could do a massive amount of damage.

I’ve been trying to “work through” some things, including the flood of emotions that came on the heels of last weekend’s revelation. And I have been thinking a lot about Shanna’s prophecy and struggling with how to walk it out when it still seems as if she was speaking about someone else. I’m fighting depression and I know it’s tied to my physical condition at the moment. Think I’ll go listen to some music. Or maybe I’ll just go to bed. Yeah, that sounds like a plan….


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