The Retreat at Lancaster County


Sounds like the name of a country club or a spa, but it’s the name of the new facility Kevin took our employee to today. In fact, it’s so new he was the first patient. Kevin said the place looks fabulous and he spent some time with the director. He had the opportunity to eat lunch with him, and when the food came Kevin asked if he minded if he prayed and so he did, for God’s blessing on the young man and on the facility itself, among other things. He said the director thanked him. The aim of the Retreat is “to provide a compassionate and spiritual environment where those suffering from the disease of addiction can begin the journey to recovery by providing enlightenment and education to the individual and their families.” We’ve been told that next to meth, crack is the hardest to kick. With God all things are possible (just ask Todd White!).

Kevin also showed me a letter the guy wrote to him and the other employees in the company apologizing for his actions. He also went on to say, “Although I regret my actions, in a certain sense it’s a relief. I’m so glad the truth about me is out in the open because now I no longer have to hide behind this smokescreen that things in my life are ok.” He says other encouraging things as well, and we’re all praying he turns the corner this month. One thing I do know, and that is that the battle has just begun. He has an enemy who knows how dangerous ex-drug addicts can be, so unless God is allowed into his heart there will always be a “landing strip” in his soul which will keep him vulnerable.

Anyway, so yeah, our plans for the week changed. This is the week we usually go to the shore (Kevin’s brothers are down as well), but it hasn’t worked out, and all of this has played into it. Kevin’s just missed too much work dealing with this over the past ten days and can’t afford to take time off right now, and that’s okay. This is more important anyway. Perhaps we’ll be able to get away soon even if it’s just for a couple of days.


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