Second chances


Twenty-two years ago my brother-in-law, in a drug-induced high, shot and killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide. He’d gone through rehab and was doing well but fell back into it. That was a tough time for all of the family, and it was especially hard on my husband, who had tried and tried to help many times (and one time even took a knife in his own back while defending his brother in an outnumbered fight). But he couldn’t rescue him that last time and his heart was heavy for a long time after his death.

A month ago we hired a new tech and then last week he didn’t show up for work one day. In fact, he hadn’t shown up at home the night before. Kevin had searched for him until 1 a.m. that night. We discovered the next day that he had a drug addiction. History repeats itself, but here was another opportunity to attempt to make a difference. Because of some things this guy had done, Kevin would have had every right to have him arrested, but he didn’t. He brought him to the office (when he was found) and talked to him and then took him to talk to our pastor. Arrangements were made at a rehab facility, and my understanding is he’s being admitted tonight.

We couldn’t have known his life was spiraling out of control when we hired him, but God did, and for Kevin this feels like a second chance. Our pastor spent time with the young man again today, and I believe God is drawing him back into the fold. He’s going to need God’s strength to get through this, but I believe he will and that he’s a chosen instrument. This is what life is all about–helping those in need and whose lives are on the wrong track, giving them hope again, always ready to give the answer to the question, “Why are you doing this?” Because we are God’s hands and feet and it’s our job to rescue the perishing. It truly is a privilege to be given this assignment.

“I can’t believe he looked for me until 1 a.m.,” he told his girlfriend. “No one’s ever looked for me before.” I think of the prodigal’s father watching for him every day and how he ran to meet him when he saw him at a distance. God sees this young man in the distance and is already out the door! And the angels will rejoice when this lost sheep is found :)


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  1. My daughter is in a court-ordered locked treatment facility awaiting a commitment hearing on the 24th… this story made me cry. I am battle weary.

    • My heart goes out to you, Julie, and I pray that God will continue to give you the grace to endure. Keep clinging to that sword and fighting the good fight while it is still day. There will be times of refreshing and a season of rest! Hang on to the promises you’ve been given, for He who promised is faithful! :)

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