What you focus on you will find


Time to play catch up, although that seems a little daunting at the moment. The Conference ended today and I am feeling deliciously spent, lol. Thursday morning Sheri Hess spoke, but before she did she led an interesting prophecy session. I remember the first call–it was for ladies wearing sneakers! She asked them to stand and then prophesied an acceleration over their spiritual growth. The next was ladies with camis (I think that had to do with a breastplate of righteousness or something). Anyway, I got to stand for the next three: women with younger brothers, scrapbookers, and ladies with birthdays in the month of September! All three of the prophecies involved teaching, the first between women and men (I thought of Lee Grady’s book immediately), the second involved ministry to the younger generation, and I don’t remember what the third was (my badness–I know better!–oh wait, I got the DVDs, lol). Needless to say, there were some who didn’t get to stand for any kind of blessing, and that led into her topic: the importance of rejoicing with those who rejoice.

Why is it much harder to rejoice with those who rejoice than to weep with those who weep? It’s to the point that some people hide things because they don’t want others to get upset about them. She used an example of someone who bought a new car (exactly the same color as the old one) and kept it in their garage for months so they could say, when asked, “Oh no, we’ve had that!” Why would anyone do that? Because people often get jealous when they see someone else get blessed!!! There are people who hide their spiritual gifts in the garage, so to speak, because of things others might say or because it might offend someone. It is imperative that Christians are able to encourage and bless others when they prosper. We hold back our own blessings when we don’t! Anyway it was Sheri who said, “What you focus on you will find.”

Winnie Banov spoke in the afternoon and I remember there was a lot of laughing going on, but I can’t seem to find my notes! In the evening Heidi Baker spoke. It was phenomenal. She shared some of her testimony and a lot of stories. Here again I’ve misplace my notes, but I do remember her stories about the “bush bush”, her travels into the back country of Mozambique, of encounters with scorpions and black mambas, incredible miracles, and how her entire entourage paid tribute to an older woman in a village and that act opened her heart up to receive God’s greatest gift. I remember, as well, her story about being put up in a 7-star hotel in Dubai and how she invited her host to her 70-billion star hotel (the African sky at night!). I think if we’d have been allowed quite a few of us would have stayed all night (we left at 11:30).

Nina Myers (Max’s wife) spoke Friday morning and had us all rolling on the floor. She’s a “designated driver” when it comes to manifesting. Rarely does anything dramatic happen to her, yet every now and again God touches her and watch out! You know you’ve been touched when you find yourself asking the question, “Can I manifest in this?” when you go clothes shopping, lol. Anyway she shared from her life, and she had plenty of pain (just like many of the other women), but God is good! It was neat to see her little granddaughter perform in a dance at the beginning of the program on Wednesday night.

Friday night Heidi spoke again. What an incredible woman. I got to talk to her, and got her to sign my book (There is Always Enough). She said: “Patti, Live in His glory heart. Jesus loves you. Papa loves you. Love the one in front of you.” She also put down Psalm 91 and John 14 & 15. I was excited about the Psalm 91 one because it’s the warrior’s psalm. This morning before I left I read John 14 & 15 and John 14:18 jumped off the page at me. It doesn’t matter that I’d read it a hundred times before (okay maybe not quite). It says, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” I’m not an orphan, but there was still an orphan spirit in me. I remember when Trisha Frost came to GSI that I worked through the sheet and discovered that I had a little bit of that in me. God noticed too, obviously :) Anyway, John 15 is great, too. I’m still learning how to abide.

Some of the stories Heidi shared had to do with the grief she gets about the way she manifests. She talked about two pastor’s conferences she went to. She’d actually been praying that she wouldn’t “get snookered” as she puts it. At the one she went into the prayer room (which was empty) and got slammed by the Holy Spirit and then these men came in and said basically, “We thought we’d find you here” and “We thought you’d look like this.” Another time she was in a bathroom stall and some ladies walked in saying, “I can’t believe they invited that woman to come here” and other hurtful things. You have to keep in mind that Heidi has a Ph.D. and is one smart cookie, but God chooses to do what He does for a reason, and she can’t help the way she gets. So she tells the pastor she needs to go pray and use his study and there starts working on “notes and quotes” as she puts it and God slams her. At this particular conference the men pretty much came and carried her to the podium and threw her behind it. And there she just poured our her heart to God in repentance and by the time she was done everyone in the room was on their faces.

Julie Meyer spoke in the afternoon yesterday and again this morning. They were both amazing, amazing messages. I am sooo bummed that today’s wasn’t taped (we were at a brunch at CLA so since we weren’t at Global it wasn’t). I felt as if it was just for me. Her testimony about the journey it took to really know she was loved spoke volumes to me and I was on the brink of weeping quite a few times. It was hard enough to keep the tears under control. You see, I’ve always had incredible faith to tell people how much God loves them, but never felt it for myself. I never heard anyone else say the same thing, and she did! She spoke from Song of Solomon 1:5 and shared about growing up with an alcoholic mother and how much she hated her (even after she became a Christian!). She had to learn to forgive and as she did God did some incredible things. It was a wonderful end to a fantastic conference.

I know I’ve skipped a lot, but it’s late and I have a husband who’s been wife deprived for a few days (I almost said depraved, lol), so I’m going to go spend time with him. I wish Global had a similar event for men. Hmmm…I think I’ll suggest it!!!

OH! I almost forgot. There was a Q&A time Friday afternoon and Sheri Hess interspersed the seriousness of the questions with some humor (as she is wont to do!). Questions like, “If Julie Meyer were a song, what would she be?” I don’t remember the choices, but hers was R-E-S-P-E-C-T! “If Heidi Baker were a cartoon character, which would she be?” Peter Pan! “If Nina Myers were a movie, which would she be?” Footloose! “If Winnie Banov were a light source would she be a candle, the sun, a lightning bolt, or a laser?” Definitely a lightning bolt, lol.


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