Some days


Some days are the bomb and others not so much. Some days it feels like everything is right with the world even though I know it isn’t. Other days nothing makes sense but it doesn’t matter because I’ve spent time with the One who sorts it all out. And then there are days when I’m the one being sorted out, where I slip back into default thinking which has a way of robbing me of joy. But it comes back. It always comes back because Jesus is faithful, and because God is the happiest person I know, and He never leaves me.

I love taking three steps forward, but today was a two-steps-back day. That’s okay though. I didn’t go back as far, so it’s still progress, right? It’s a good reminder, too, that apart from Him I can do nothing. Not that I’d want to, mind you, but sometimes I switch into “autopilot” and I’m not even aware of it.


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