Notes on a Wednesday


…as opposed to a Thursday, lol. Well, it’s been an interesting day. I left for work early this morning because I needed to run an errand. An acquaintance of mine has a sound studio and he agreed to try to enhance some very faint tracks on video I have from the conference taken during the prophecy session. That was fun to explain, lol, but it led to some interesting discussion about healing (he believes in “positive energy”, which made me think of Bob Hazlett and the story of his interaction with a New Age church). I told him I do too and that there’s a lot of power in the name of Jesus! That led to more discussion about Christianity and the church (and how for the most part it’s lost its way when it comes to loving others and not judging them). Anyway I’m looking forward to future conversations and hoping that I will have the opportunity to pray for him at some point.

Later I thought about stopping by a friend’s house to pray for her. As I was pondering the nature of her condition, I had a flash of her sitting in her chair and behind her was a demon. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. That was my first reaction. My second reaction was to get fired up. That said, I take very seriously the clash between the two kingdoms and am beginning to see where that leads. As Nicole Nordemann would say, “I guess my cozy campfire days are gone” lol. In any event, as I was at church when this happened I decided to talk to my pastor about it and we had a great discussion. (Incidentally, Alliance Life magazine had an excellent article in their latest magazine called “People of His Presence” that made my heart go YAHOO!!!) Change is a comin’ folks! The days of the tame church are going to come to an end, and that makes this girl one happy camper :)

By the way, I did stop by the friend’s house on the way home but she wasn’t there. After dinner I spent some time looking at some of Todd White’s YouTube videos. He’s an amazing man who is really on fire for the Lord. At the same time he’s very humble and gentle. It was a privilege to meet him in person. It’s sad to read some of the comments and the persecution that’s coming from other Christians, though I guess that’s to be expected…


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