Mach 5


I wonder sometimes if I’m going to be able to keep up this accelerated pace, but then I remember Who I’m running beside and I know He’s gonna help me do it! :) It is a thrilling adventure, to say the least! And I’m still waiting for “Jehovah Sneaky” to show up with a “suddenly” moment. It’ll be special, whenever it comes, because He’s so awesome and is the Giver of good gifts!

I am working my way through Mark Virkler’s book on hearing God’s voice. It’s an excellent resource though I’m still not entirely comfortable with the journaling part. That will change with practice. As I become more focused I find some of my “worries” falling away. And when they come back I tell them they’re not welcome, lol.

I’m encouraged by the stories fellow classmates are sharing on Facebook. They challenge me to step out in faith! I’m almost done with the video montage and will put it up here, too, when it’s loaded. Summer’s half over already and I haven’t even begun the huge outside painting projects. ~sigh~ Guess I’d better get on that soon….


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