Baby steps


I had a talk with Kevin last night about attending GSSM this fall. It’ll be a huge disappointment if I don’t get to go, but I must prepare myself for that possibility as presently there are no funds for it (let alone the missions trip to Brazil that’s tied to it). I might be able to swing the online classes, but it seems such a shame because I live so close! But the gas to run back and forth would be an extra $200 on top of the tuition. And I’d miss the corporate worship, the impartation that occurs, the interaction with students. Sadly, we took a four-day trip to the islands last fall to attend a wedding (the first and probably only time we’ll do such a thing). It was a huge extravagance but we knew it meant a lot to the couple. It could have paid for the school, but that wasn’t even on my radar back then. This whole year wasn’t on my radar, lol.

I keep picking up more books to read, more CDs and DVDs, and my hunger grows. This morning I worked but we had a food co-op delivery to the church so other families came. I saw a 10ish-year-old girl there with a boot on her ankle and a crutch and wondered if I should pray for her. We were all busy unloading and after my stuff was put away I stood outside and tried to hear from the Lord. At some point I asked Him how He saw her and I got a one-second flash of her dancing around (that’s a first for me). I took that as a yes :) So I went over to her and asked her if it was broken and she said no. I asked her how long it was hurt and she said a month. Her grandmother (I think) was standing there and kind of not looking too kindly at her. I wondered if perhaps she was wearing the boot for either attention or to keep from having to do something. But in the end I decided that didn’t matter, so I prayed for her, for healing (and God knows whether that’s physical or emotional) so that she could enjoy the rest of the summer off! Don’t know the results and don’t have to.

I listened to Graham Cooke’s “Seeing in the Spirit” CD yesterday. He shared about the anxiety he has when he prophesies at times, especially when from all outward appearances it looks as if you’re waaaay off. He made a comment that “where your anointing is there will be your anxiety.” I hope he’s right, because I know where my anxiety is! I’m still taking baby steps and praying for God to meet me. He who promised is faithful :)

I read Heaven is for Real this afternoon and loved it. Then I laid down and took a nap and dreamed about Jesus. :)


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