Impartation, Day #12


Randy Clark spoke today. He is the founder of Global Awakening and a modern-day apostle. A humble man, he has a great desire to see the kingdom of God brought down to earth! After laying some groundwork, he told a lot of stories and we had some Q&A as well. Kevin joined me today and he learned a lot. I was pleased that a number of people came up and introduced themselves, and he was very much at ease. Two different people approached him to tell him that the favor of God rested on him, and that was pretty awesome. I wish he could have stayed for the impartation part at the end of the day but he had to leave to go to an auction (which turned out to not be worth the time). Oh! I almost forgot! Saturday he worked for a few hours on the dirt pile outside, and just the effort involved with pulling the rototiller around put his back out. He’s been in pain since. Last night when I came home he was on the floor in the living room with his legs up on the sofa. Well, this morning during worship the Heavenly Chiropractor put it back in! And he was just standing there praying :) There were other healings throughout the day, especially during part of Randy’s teaching. God loves to practice random acts of healing, lol. Ian’s carpal tunnel in his right wrist was healed. He didn’t used to be able to bent his hand back but now he can! I need to find out about the others as well (I guess we’ll hear tomorrow).

We had outreach tonight and Vickie and I went out again. We ended up at a haircutting place and I needed a trim so I thought I’d try it. She got hers trimmed as well. I showed the gal what I was eventually hoping for (it wasn’t quite long enough) and, well, she got a little carried away. It took me a year to grow out the last chop job, lol. I keep reminding myself that it’s only hair :)

Back to the impartation. I don’t look around when I’m in a line waiting. Some people do but I don’t. My heart was pounding like a freight train! And it was quite clear that the spirit was moving. I could tell when they got to Josh Bae :) God’s got big plans for that young man! Yes, I went down, and this time my hands shook. You never know what to expect when the Spirit “shows up” (yes, I realize He’s always there, but let’s not split hairs, lol). My hands still tingle, btw.

I’m glad Kevin came along today. Now he knows why I’m so excited about this school! I wish he could come tomorrow. I forget the guy’s name who is coming but they showed a short clip about him and wow, he’s not shy about praying for people! It was neat to see some video of people actually getting healed and the surprise on their faces! One kid even swore, lol.


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  1. Patti it was nice to see who the lucky man is who has the privilege of being your husband. It was nice to meet Kevin even though we didn’t have a time to talk. John

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