Deliverance, Day #10


Rodney Hogue was today’s speaker. I think I have six pages of notes! Powerful, powerful stuff. And the stories he told! Here are a few notes:

Jesus did two things: He declared and He demonstrated the kingdom.
We owe it to the world to have God encounters!
All you need to know to do deliverance is how big God is!
We need to be convinced of the completed work of Christ.
Jesus has the absolute victory over the kingdom of darkness.
Anywhere there is a place of darkness, the demons want to occupy it.
Everything has been redeemed, but not everything has been reclaimed.
Words have substance and an assignment!
Bitterness is nothing more than unfulfilled revenge.
Forgiveness positions us to go on with life.

A significant thing happened for me today. I’ve been in several sessions of healing ministry where I was told to allow the Spirit to bring back a memory or a painful event in my childhood (in an attempt to get to the root of some issues in my life) and then bring it to the Lord, but I always struggled with that. The Spirit wouldn’t bring specific things back, and I always felt there was something wrong with me because it worked for everyone else. He briefly spoke about event wounding (what that’s called) but said in very rare occasions it’s not an event but a deficiency. He then went on to give an example and described my family situation pretty much to a T. Don’t get me wrong. I do NOT blame my parents for anything. There are no perfect parents, and both of mine had hurts of their own. But growing up I didn’t receive much affection and didn’t really feel loved (but hey, I was quite precocious!). I longed for it and used to feign sleep at night just to be held/carried to bed. In fact, I loved bedtime because for a while at least I used to be tucked in. Anyway, little girls need a father’s affection and love, and I didn’t get it. When that happens, things get warped. Laughter was the closest thing to love to me (which is why I married the man who made me laugh the most, lol). So I developed a deficiency. He said they are the most difficult cases to deal with (greeeaaaaat :). I wish he’d have explained why, but I’m guessing it’s because with events you can push them up, deal with them, and put them behind you. With deficiency, the “ruts in the brain” of negative thoughts are deeper. The way to freedom is by displacement. People need to be filled up with love. That sounds good to me! It also confirms what I have believed for quite a while, that my husband’s love has brought the most healing in my life. Still, I long to be filled to overflowing so that all that stuff is displaced :) It’s coming!

In the afternoon we broke quite a few ties including soul ties and generational curses (following which we got to receive the blessings!). Rodney has prayers for breaking free of soul ties and generational sin and curses, so the class would stand as a group and say them together (they can be found at Global’s website). It was an awesome, awesome day, and a lot more happened than what I’m telling you, but I’m tired so I’m going to bed. I look forward to a restful (I hope!) weekend. Still have the second half of Randy’s book to read! Gotta get that done this weekend and write my report. I will tell you one thing, though. He’s speaking and doing impartation on Tuesday, and I am PSYCHED! It’s going to be a big day for me, and Kevin is taking off work to join me. I can’t wait for him to meet people and get to experience this. And I want him to stand behind me when Randy does his impartation…just in case, lol :)


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