Day #7


So does the short title tell you anything? This is going to be a short post (I think anyway). I only got home at 8:30 because we had outreach after class (and class ran late because there was some “inreach” going on). Anyway Bob Hazlett was back for the morning session. He has some great one liners. I especially like “God is so good He has to be true!” That and when you’re confronted with a lot of doubt and “buts” that you should “kick buts until the only but there’s left is But God!” lol. Trisha Frost (Jack Frost’s widow) spoke in the afternoon. She’s amazing. She hit two deer within five minutes of each other getting here, that’s how much the enemy wanted to keep her away. Here are some fav quotes of hers: “The Bible says it’s criminal to live cautiously.” In discussing the death of her husband, she said she had to “endure the unexplainable so she could experience the unforgettable.” “If you treat somebody as ordinary, you dishonor them.” And a special favorite: “Fear-based religion produces rebellion, not relationship.”

And now I need to go because I have a book to finish reading and I have some contending to do. There’s a lot more that I’m not telling you because of time and also because it’s too personal. It was certainly an up-and-down day for me in many ways. I’m still trying to process it all.


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