This week’s “flavor of the week” Day #6


…is stillness. “In quietness and confidence is my strength.” Today was much different than last week. I’d say last week’s flavor was joy. I have the sense of my soul having been quieted, and that’s a good thing. I suppose the one hour of sleep I got last night could have something to do with it too, lol. (You know it’s going to be a rough night when your restless leg syndrome wakes you up!)

Today Bob Hazlett from Touch of Fire Ministries came. I was introduced to his teaching at the VOP conference in April. But before I start with his teaching I’ll share a couple of the testimonies that were shared after worship. On Saturday at Baltimore one of the young men in the group experienced a partial healing of a congenital deafness in his right ear when he went through the “fire tunnel” (we worshiped before we went out to do ministry). Anyway, it cracked and popped the rest of that day and into Sunday. Sunday night about ten young people got together to worship God, and at some point during the worship he said it felt as if something was being pulled out of his ear, and he’s not deaf anymore! His hearing has been restored! God is so awesome. Another young man at the same gathering experienced healing in his back and one of his legs which was shorter than the other grew out. There was also another testimony from Saturday about a woman who came for prayer to one of the outreaches. She arrived out of breath and said she had liver problems. She was prayed over and she went away skipping (literally!).

So back to Bob and today and his texts included the first three chapters of Genesis as well as Hebrews 9. Bob spoke about prophetic ministry. Among other things, he said that prophecy is not about identifying the problem. Prophecy gives you the ability to address the potential. As God’s thoughts come from a place of creativity, so it is with ours. It’s not just saying something, it’s actually creating something with our words. Your ability to prophesy will be according to the measure of your faith. The effectiveness of your prophecy will be according to the measure of your love. A clear conscience is necessary for there to be confidence in your life, and you can’t pray with confidence if you have guilt. We are so busy trying not to be something that we can’t become what we were created to be! Religion says if you do you will be. But holiness is the fruit of righteousness, and God says if you be you will do!

I especially liked when he talked about how we view the gifts of the Holy Spirit sort of like a big pie cut into nine pieces. You can have this piece and someone else can have another, and…no! That’s not what it’s like! We have access to all the gifts of the Spirit. We should be having a huge pie-eating fest! That made me chuckle :)

This is a short entry, but I really have to get some rest tonight. I’m actually surprised that I’m still conscious, lol :)


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