Early morning thoughts on church history


I was exhausted when I fell into bed last night. I didn’t sleep soundly, but I got more sleep than I have all week. My thoughts have been tumbling out of my mind this morning faster than I can capture them. Here’s one: Earlier in the week Shana talked about waking up at the same time every morning and then she realized it was a scripture verse. I’ve had that happen on more than one occasion and wondered “What’s up with that?” but never thought it could be God speaking to me. For instance, maybe if you’re worrying about your finances or a need of some kind and you wake up at 4:19 for a few mornings in a row God’s trying to tell you to remember what he said in Philippians!

And I thought you might like to know that I had my first breakthrough this morning. I’ve had good conversations with many of the people at this school about how to operate in the prophetic. Perhaps God does zap a few people and things start happening instantly, but with most it’s been a matter of exercising the gift. I tried it for the first time when we got close to the church and Ben talked about parking being a problem. I prayed (to myself) for God to open one up and went a step further and tried to picture it. I saw him pulling into an end spot along a curb and then tried to picture the vehicle in front of him. I decided on blue, and even got a picture of the vehicle. Well, the end spot was right, but the car was red. However, when we came out of the church to get into vehicles to go to the park the vehicle that I ended up going in looked exactly like what I had pictured! And I got to ride with Terry and April and had some good discussion (she’s the one who told me about one of the names of God being “Jehovah Sneaky” lol).

Many have said you have to exercise your “seer muscles.” Interestingly enough I’d been doing it for quite some time. Every now and then I would “play” when I opened up my Yahoo account. Before I did I’d try to guess how much mail I’d have. It always made me smile when I got it right (though I must confess that wasn’t as often as I’d have liked). Anyway, so this morning I’m thinking I’m going to do that every time I open up my mail. I’m going to take a few minutes to try to “tune to flow” and get the number. So this is how it went today. I looked straight in front of me and there are a bunch of name tags hanging on my bulletin board and I thought perhaps I should count them. Then I looked up on my bookshelf and saw four books with similar spines. Then I looked at my “whatever.” clock that has numbers lying in a pile on the bottom and stared at that for a minute. I thought maybe one would jump out at me (and maybe one would have, but in the end the number I needed wasn’t there!). So I closed my eyes and prayed. I realized I was trying to do it humanly, trying to figure it out (left braining it again, lol). Then I got a picture of myself, of what I was attempting to do, and I prayed, “Daddy, I feel like a little baby who’s lying on its belly just trying to lift its head. My muscles aren’t developed yet, my head bobbles around, but I’m trying! I’m really trying!” And then the number came, a cross between “seeing” and “hearing” and “being impressed” with it, the number 2. And I was right :) You know, a baby can’t really see much when she’s on her belly trying to look up, but her daddy is pleased anyway with the effort, knowing that she’s growing, that she’ll soon be rolling over and will see him better! Rock and roll, yeah, that’s what I’m doing.

My pastor gave me a CD of music yesterday and asked me to listen to it. He’s going to be starting a series on Revelation in the fall and wants to use it, and he asked me to consider making some videos. But when I listened to it on the way down to Global yesterday I got more than videos. I got dancing, too, for some of the songs and even “saw” some of the costumes. I want to ask a young woman who used to go to our church if she’d be willing to choreograph a few numbers, and then perhaps we could have a drama or play much like we did with Esther a few months back. The young people loved doing that and need more of it. If we do it on a Sunday night then people have the option of coming and if they don’t like certain music they don’t have to come. But the young woman I’m referring to had her gift squelched (that’s why she left) because some people couldn’t handle the ways it manifested itself.

Which leads me right into the meat of this morning’s thoughts. I am learning a lot about church history and past revivals. For the most part, what I’d been taught has been a far cry from what really happened. You hear about the weeping and repentance part, but the other manifestations have been scrubbed out. And now, as in past times, persecution comes from other believers, not from the world (which is being drawn like moths to a fire). But we must be open to a visitation of God no matter how it happens or what it looks like. I’m going to quote a portion of one of the books I read for this school, Welcoming a Visit of the Holy Spirit by Wesley Campbell:

“The advertisement said, “Don’t be fooled by the counterfeit revival, come to…” The name of a prominent contemporary denomination was given as the place to find the “true teaching and true move of the Holy Spirit.” Sadly, there is scarcely ever a bona fide move of the Holy Spirit wherein adherents of the previous move of the Spirit did not label the next as being the move of the devil.

This has always been so, even in Jesus’ day. In fact, Jesus said of Jerusalem that she “killed the prophets and those sent to her,” all the while building monuments to the righteous persons she had previously killed in her streets. Jesus was not impressed with the homage attributed to those in the past. On the contrary, He pointedly declared, “You testify against yourselves that you are the descendants of those who murdered the prophets” (Matt. 23:31). The history of revivals is a history of man quenching what God Himself had initiated. In the 1740s the revival under Jonathan Edwards had its opponent, Charles Chauncy, who decided to make it his calling in life to save the colonists from the outbursts of enthusiasm related to the Great Awakening. In 1743 Chauncy published Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Religion in New England, which was a compendium of every abuse, mistake and exaggerated event he could find. At the time Chauncy was very successful in not only opposing the revival but also in actually stamping it out. Today, however, Chauncy is not remembered as the great hero who saved the colonists from outbursts of enthusiasm. His only claim to fame is that he was the chief antagonist who opposed a true move of the Spirit. The tragedy of his life is that he became one of the founding theologians of Unitarianism, the American deistic cult. He opposed the truth and became a cultist.”

Evan Roberts had hos opposition in Peter Price, who today is known only for his blatant lack of discernment. “Like Korah and Dathan who opposed Moses, Chauncy and Price are infamous for what they were wrongly against. Yet in their day, even though they were wrong, their words had weight. The fact that these men obstructed and quenched the move of the Spirit is example enough that today’s attacks should not go unchecked. Left to themselves, they stumble the sincere, smear the righteous and divide the body of Christ.”

The next portion in the book is an excellent read because it deals with a modern-day accuser of the brethren and the attacks that have come as a result of the Toronto Blessing. It’s fascinating stuff, and I’d highly recommend it. But you can’t read things like this with a closed mind, and so many Christians have closed their minds. That said, I have no intention of trying to force those minds open. I believe I’m to just live and worship the Lord with my life realizing that whoever catches the fire also begins to give it away, and it will ignite in those whose spirits long for more because there is more!

I have tons more thoughts but need to get ready for church. I don’t even have anything made yet for the fellowship meal! Well, I’ve been a little busy this week, lol.


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