This feels like a missions trip


I am all kinds of sleep deprived yet here I am wide awake at four thirty in the morning. This feels like a missions trip in the sense that I shouldn’t be able to function with such little sleep. God has been giving me literal rest through the day, recharging my batteries as I lay on the floor, but I know I have to be careful as sleep deprivation can lead to heart irregularities (although wouldn’t it be great if that were healed over this time?!). Anyway, I got to bed late again last night. The kids came over and made us dinner around 8 (which was a blessing), and they hung around for a while afterward. Then Kevin and I talked for an hour before falling asleep. He’s been working hard and is very tired, but I’m thankful he stayed up. I told him about the vision I had the other night and he didn’t say much but I could tell it meant a lot to him. We also talked about some opposition I’m sensing and he said it was because of fear. I shared some of what was prophesied over me on Wednesday and asked him if I had his support, and he said yes. I’m going to need it.

Today we go to Baltimore. Gideon just came to my mind. I’m beginning to really be able to relate to him :) When God called him, Gideon was operating in fear. God spoke into his persona and Gideon replied from his personality. God just ignored that and kept speaking into his persona. This is who you are, Gideon, you are a valiant warrior! Gideon felt everything but that, but when God speaks to your persona you begin to have a divine dissatisfaction with operating from your personality and with the status quo. When Shanna prophesied over me on Wednesday, she was speaking to my persona. My spirit was bearing witness with what she was declaring, but I am not just instantly changed. I have to walk it out, just as Gideon did. I believe that next week I am going to be in contending mode and am getting ready. I am encouraged by Gideon’s life and rebuke the thoughts that mine will end in unfaithfulness just like his did (it’s called taking every thought captive, and that one’s going to death row). I will remain faithful because He is faithful. One of my life verses has been “Faithful is He who calls you, who will also bring it to pass.” Okay, now I can go back to bed and get a little more shuteye, although the robins have started their morning litany, so that may not happen, lol.


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