About that contending thing…


It didn’t wait for Monday, it started today, lol. We had a good ride down to Baltimore, a fun fire tunnel worship time, and then split up into groups to go to four different sites. I knew today was going to be a challenge when I didn’t get to go take pizza to the prostitutes and minister to them. I’d had my heart set on it and not just because I believed I’d “had an appointment” so to speak, because of the dream I’d had, but because my heart really does go out to those women. In any event, I ended up going to a park where they had moon walks set up and free hot dogs, snow cones, drinks, and cotton candy. For the first hour me and three others walked around the neighborhood inviting folks to come. The first person we talked to was drunk (but he was a happy drunk). We did get to meet and pray for quite a few people, and as with most things in life, the more you practice it the easier it gets. No one refused the offer of prayer. I’d wanted to do some “tattoos” but though I’d checked a couple of times, the girls doing it didn’t want relief (can’t blame them there, it looked like a lot of fun). There was also a table where ladies were painting their nails. I am extremely sensitive to chemical smells (instant headaches usually), so that was out of the picture. The food tables were pretty much covered. So what was left were the two moon walks and just talking to people who came. I did the latter for a little while and then thought someone should offer to relieve the workers at the moon walk. She’d been at it for two hours or more, after all. But I hadn’t planned on being there the rest of the day, lol.

All through the day I was fighting disappointment at not being able to go visit “The Block” as it’s called. The enemy’s always right there with his arrows and I did well (for a while) holding up my shield of faith. But when we got back to the church and they started giving testimonies I let it down. There were two other outreaches going on, and we heard some pretty amazing stories. One healing involved an older man who was hunched over a cane. By the end of the prayer time he was standing straight! We had a fight break out at the end of the block, and it was sad to see all the kids run to see what was happening. Instantly people started to pray, and then the leader of the outreach and one of our guys walked down and began to pray and as soon as they did the fight broke up (and it involved about 20 people, from what I could see!). But then came the one I was dreading. It’s hard to hear how wonderful something was when you longed for it yourself, and the enemy was right there with his “You really missed God this time” and “If He really loved you you’d have been there.” It did sound like a truly fantastic outreach. Not only did they get to minister to women who are used and abused, but they led a bouncer to the Lord! Wow.

So we get back in the vehicle to go home and by now my shield’s lying on the ground. I’m tired, extremely tired from spending a day out in the sun, not drinking enough, not getting enough sleep, and the spirit of discouragement that came over me because I wasn’t taking my thoughts captive. We go for a few miles and the tears start to trickle. I’m so praying “Lord, don’t let anyone ask me how I’m doing or I’ll lose it!” I wrestled with that spirit for a long time before I’d had enough and decided the best thing to do to get my mind off myself was to put my attention on someone else. So I turned to Vickie beside me because I sensed she was hurting and it turned out to be a literal hurting. She had neck and back pain, so I put my hand on her neck and began to pray. I didn’t feel I had much faith to do anything and did it more as an act of obedience, and when I was done she said she felt better :) Okay, not a miracle, but I’ll take that. My spirit began to get back into “contend mode” and very soon after that I looked out the windshield of the van and couldn’t believe what I saw! There, on a bridge we were about to pass under (you’ll have to check Day #1’s post to see the significance of it being on a bridge) were words spray painted in red: “Don’t give up” it said. Oh—my—word! You can believe I picked my armor back up when I saw that! To say that gave my spirit a lift is an understatement. But it doesn’t end there.

A half hour later we pass under another bridge. Spray painted across it was: “Things can get better.” Can? They just did!!!! Hahahaha! I said out loud, “You rock my socks off!” and I look out the windshield at a billboard we’re passing, an advertisement for a diamond ring, and in big letters it said: “Rock me” AHHHHHHHHHHH! You better believe I’m gonna rock you, Jesus! I’m gonna rock you until you enable me to receive everything I’ve been promised, every download that’s been stored in your warehouse of wonders that has my name on it! I will not let go until you bless me!!!!! Just call me The Contendah!

I was so psyched I needed to go worship and we made it back in time for me to slip into Christ Community Church just before their evening service. It was an awesome time and I’m learning to be free when I worship! I jump, I clap, I sing at the top of my lungs, and occasionally I “rest” :) I still have old thought patterns to overcome, but this is part of the training, part of the contending (the fun part, because I’m beginning to love the worship times in the morning at Global).

Btw, CCC had an outreach in Harrisburg today and we were told how awesome it was. God’s up to something in Harrisburg, folks. The mayor has called for a three-day fast from Tuesday, June 21 at midnight to 5 a.m. Friday morning. Harrisburg is a “distressed city” and she said there’s no way they can figure out what to do. They need divine intervention! So if any feel led to fast go for it. I may as well (though I have health issues that sometimes make it difficult).

Okay, well, it’s 10:15 and time for bed. I’m exhausted. I hope I can sleep tonight. I look forward to church tomorrow and the fellowship meal afterward. I still have to finish the 3rd book for this course! Maybe tomorrow night.

In other news, I’ve decided to reopen my Facebook account. I want to be in touch with the GSSI students as well as the Daughters of the King group. I hope I don’t regret this, lol. :)


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