We are Plan A and there is no Plan B! Day #5


Worship this morning was amazing. I have a new favorite song and the chorus has been playing in my head all day (and is not getting old!). And yes, I rested. And laughed. And though I was tired all day I felt as if I had had ten cups of coffee and only got sleepy once. I had a buzz from the worship that I still have, a quiet hum in my spirit. I used to think true worship looked like someone on their face declaring what a worm they were. But I’m not a worm, I’m a daughter of the King, and I walk in newness of life. I don’t have that old nature anymore, I have a new nature and I am free indeed! I still have to contend with the sin habit (which btw is mostly in the form of negative thought patterns) but I’m doing it. It’s all about renewing the mind, and I’m learning (at last!) how to do that.

Craig Kuehn spoke this morning, and it was the best teaching on missions I have ever heard. I have pages of notes but plan on transcribing from the mp3 when I actually get them. Just for a teaser, here are a few things I jotted down…

If there is a call on your life, you will have divine dissatisfaction until you follow it.
Unity does not mean uniformity.
The church today is content to camp beside the river instead of contending for what’s on the other side.
When you’re in over your head, it doesn’t matter how deep the water is.
Missions is “not your father’s Oldsmobile anymore”!
We are Plan A and there is no Plan B.
The river is the deepest the farthest from the throne.

After lunch Micah Williams (Ben’s wife) taught on dream interpretation. I’d printed out my dream and shared it with her but she didn’t have a chance to read it before I left. It’s just as well, because after her teaching I considered a couple of other possibilities. Btw this morning when I left to go to Global I stopped by Perry Printing to drop off my proofreading and the radio was playing. God knows how attuned to music I am. I don’t remember what song was playing but it was one I didn’t like, and it was an accusing type song and immediately the accuser started trying to point the finger at me. I told him to leave me alone! The song was almost over when I came in and before I left another one started, an oldie named “Cecilia.” The thought (was I tuning to flow?) came into my mind that maybe that was the name of the girl I should look for tomorrow, then the chorus played, “Oh, Cecilia, I’m down on my knees, I’m begging you please to come home.” Now I realize the rest of the song isn’t really appropriate, lol, but I had a picture of how much God longs for the lost sheep and how he searches for the 1 in 99. Wouldn’t it be something if I met a prostitute named Cecilia tomorrow? Boy, would I have a word for her :)))

Btw I’ve considered that perhaps I shouldn’t be spilling all this here. I mean honestly, it has the potential to really backfire. But I’m reminded of something Bob Hazlett says to the effect that if you’re willing to look stupid God will make you look brilliant. Tomorrow could be a very interesting day.

I stopped on the way home to do some work at the church and there was a birthday party there for one of the church members. I noticed her brother-in-law using a cane and he had a neck brace on. My immediate response is always to want to see healing (I almost said pray for them, but we weren’t called to pray for people, we were called to heal them!). Anyway, when I took some things upstairs I went into the sanctuary up to the altar, got on my knees, and started contending with God for the gifts that were prophesied over me. I thought of Sergio’s teaching yesterday about Joash only striking the arrows to the ground three times. As I prayed I struck the ground, so to speak, and plan on doing that for however long it takes. Graham Cooke prayed for an acceleration of the Spirit back in April, that what usually takes 5 years will take 1, what usually takes 1 year will take a few months. I received that, and it’s happening. It feels as if I’m moving into warp speed, lol. At the same time, I have a picture of a child going through a growth spurt around puberty and how sometimes they get uncoordinated and almost have to grow into their feet the way puppies do, lol. I’m feeling all sorts of gangly, but I’m cool with that. It’s part of the process, and it’s the process that makes you rich, not the impartation. That said, I did pray for Fred and to my knowledge he was not healed. But I have hope. When I was done he said something to the effect that if he was healed he’d join every Christian church around. I laughed! “From your mouth to God’s ears!” I said. Sic him, Father :)

P.S. Two days I wrote about Kevin and his “golden hands.” But at some point today I realized that no, his hands weren’t golden, there was gold being poured into his hands. So sometimes revelation takes a couple of days as you “search out the matter.” In any event, that fits more with the scripture I was given.


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