It just keeps getting better! Day #4


Every day is something new, and I’m amazed at the choreography of the messages. Today’s spooned right up against yesterday’s in so many ways. Sergio Scataglini spoke. I’d never heard of him before and evidently his father was the one whom God used to usher in the great revival in Argentina many years ago. He told us about that and having to miss it because he was at Fuller Seminary in California. He was discouraged but God didn’t leave him out in the cold (he never does, you know :) Anyway his theme for the day was Holiness. I wrote down a bunch of his one-liners that spoke to me, like “Holiness is when God comes right where we’re at and gives us an embrace that’s out of this world (literally, it’s supernatural!). Holiness is a person, the person of Jesus Christ. It’s not positional, it’s directional. The closer you are to Him the holier you are. Holiness is a relationship.” He then spoke on the power of persuasion and used the passage from Matthew 15:21-22 about the Canaanite woman. She was a persuader and the fuel for her faith was desperation (so capitalize on your pain and your trauma!).

Faith moves you from seeking to finding, so don’t pray the problem, pray the solution! Another session he spoke about Moses and the passage from Exodus 33 where Moses refused to move unless God came with him. That’s really the only condition we can put before God to do ministry. If we don’t have His presence, we shouldn’t move! Then he said something that blew me away: “God has one need, our love! Love doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and God is love!” I also appreciated his analogy regarding time. We are linear, like phone lines, but God is wireless! Cool :)

He spent some time in the afternoon doing ministry and praying for people. And yes, you guessed it, more resting, lol. Three seconds after he touched my hand I was down (I’m such a pushover, even though I wasn’t pushed, lol). And then I started to chuckle. I did a lot of that today. There were various prayers through the afternoon, and for some of them we just stood at our seats and “assumed the position.” It happened twice again and no one was around!

There’s another young man there named Josh who made a comment about how messed up he’s getting, but not messed up in a bad way. We’re kind of on the same journey and it’s neat to be sharing it with him! I also met a young man named Prem today. I think he’s from India, and God told him last Friday he was to come to this, so he showed up at the orientation on Sunday night with all his paperwork and got in! He lives in Maryland and drove the first day and then said, “This is ridiculous, if God wanted me to come He’d give me a place to stay” which He did! He shared something else, too, the name of the lady who prophesied over me yesterday. It’s Shanna Biedron. He told me God tattooed a heart on her eye! I saw it yesterday–it’s just a little thing, and I think Prem said she said God told her when He gave it to her that she must always look at other people through His eyes. I just thought that was the neatest thing.

Sergio ended with the story in 2 Kings that centers around Joash and Elisha. Elisha gave Joash one last prophecy but Joash for some reason only struck the ground three times and therefore it wasn’t a total victory. I plan to figuratively strike the ground over my own prophecy, and I won’t stop until it is fulfilled, even though it may take some time to come to pass totally (but not as long because things have been accelerated!). Anyway, I want to be transformed and am having my mind renewed. I no longer wear ministerial clothes that smell like Babylonian captivity! They’re fresh and white and clean and there’s a clean turban on my head. (My mind needs that one!) The promises made to me are like money in the bank. God’s given me the debit card to draw it out, and the password is F-A-I-T-H!~

We had ministry after class and I went with a group to Giant, where I gave some encouraging words to an employee who is going to college. I also spoke with a lady in one of those electric-powered chairs and she had oxygen attached. She said it was for her heart and I prayed for healing for her and then thanked her for allowing me to pray. So far it’s been a wonderful experience, although I know they may not always be. Still, I’m learning to walk “in flow” and believe it’s only a matter of time. God’s word doesn’t return to Him void :)

I’ll leave you with one last thing, and that is that I awoke through the night last night and had a vision (but my eyes were open). The room was dark so it was hard to tell, but it looked as if Kevin was lying on his back and his arms were bent at the elbows and out, as if he were “assuming the position” so in effect they aiming for the ceiling. But the thing is, his hands looked as if they were gold. The scripture that “God gives to His beloved even in His sleep came into my mind.” Then the vision was gone and I saw Kevin lying on his side. I wasn’t weirded out by it at all. In fact, I think it was really neat. I’ve been paying attention to my dreams and tried to record one the other night. I truly believe God speaks through dreams and that we can learn to interpret them! And btw that’s what tomorrow’s all about, dream interpretation! I’m praying for a good dream tonight :)


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