Leftover thoughts from Day #2


Last night as we laid in bed I downloaded the day to Kevin and realized in telling him about it that I’d missed something important in my report. It concerned what was said to me yesterday at lunch regarding being a bridge builder. At the end of our conversation (we were talking about not just mine but my husband’s position in the church), Janet had given me a scripture, Esther 4:14b, “And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?” That scripture was meaningful to me for a couple of reasons. The first is that a few days before the start of GSI I was thinking about my journey just getting to where I’d now found myself and how God kept showing me “the next thing”. I felt as if I was being prepared for something. I pondered the story of Esther and her months of preparation just for her one night with the king. I had/have the distinct feeling that I’m being prepared for my “one night with the King.” Btw for any who may not be familiar with her story, she was shown great favor and her one night not only led to many nights, but she saved her people from annihilation. Still, there was the preparation process. I am waiting for something to happen, and only God knows what that something is going to look like (although I fully anticipate it to be wonderful!). In the meantime, I’m involved in this “preparation process” which GSI is a part of.

So that Judds’ song I told you about was significant not just for the bridge building time but for the repetition in the chorus “Don’t you think it’s time? Don’t you think it’s time?” So many times God has used lyrics of songs to speak to me (and more often than not through pop music), but those words really struck a chord in me. I felt as if God Himself was speaking those words to me. So in answer to His question, yes, I think it’s time :)

If every day of the conference is like the first two have been I think my heart is going to explode, lol.


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  1. Dear Mrs. Mac,

    Thanks for all of these. I’ve been reading through them . . . most of them anyway . . . and crying. I’ve needed a good kick in the gut for a little bit now, and this has been very encouraging. Thanks. I want to KNOW Almighty God again . . . it’s been a rather dry three or four weeks.


    Anna Sangrey

    • So good to see you Anna. I’m thrilled that this ministered to you! As to your desire, He’ll give it to you, and He’s much closer than you think. You can trust Him with your heart :) Love you!

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