An all-you-can-eat Jesus buffet :) Day #3


Another incredible day. It just keeps getting better :) The past two days we started the day with worship but today we did something different. First a couple of people shared testimonies from the ministry the night before. One lady shared that they’d prayed for someone at Giant with a hurt knee. After they prayed they asked her how it felt and she said a little better. Ten or so minutes later she comes running down the aisle they’re in saying, “What did you do to my knee?! It doesn’t hurt anymore!” You can believe we all burst out clapping and yelling praise to God when she said that! So instead of the normal worship with just music, we made what they call a “fire tunnel.” It’s two lines of people facing each other and then others pass through and are prayed over. Those people then go to the end of the line and the line turns in on itself so that everyone gets to experience it. And it was awesome :) That blended into singing, and I decided to grab a flag (not like a state flat but one that was long and thin and about eight feet long on a swivel). It was gold, and it was beautiful, and I loved playing with it and making it dance with the music. I’m definitely going to have to do that again.

Shara Pradhan spoke on intimacy today (my blog title is from her description of what the day was going to be like, lol). Shara reallyreally loves Jesus! She spent three years under Heidi Baker’s ministry. Actually it goes back farther than that. She used to minister with Mother Teresa in India! She said her mother is Jewish and her father Hindu but that both were atheists (I don’t know if they still are). Anyway she has an incredible story and if I get the book Compelled by Love I’ll share more of it. I meant to today (would have been nice to have her sign it), but the afternoon was so intense that I forgot, and then I had to get out of there and go to work. ANYWAY, she spent some time in the Song of Solomon 8:6-7 and sometimes would laugh, and sometimes that laughing led to snorting, lol. We did an exercise before lunch from Bob Hartley’s book “Adoration”, working in groups of two or three declaring back to God things that He is. It was great.

Over lunch our small group met. We are to meet once a week and today was the first. I can’t remember the leader’s name but he’s a graduate of GSSM and had a very gentle spirit. The purpose of the groups is to discuss things that have been happening, ask questions, talk about issues, whatever comes up. Afterward he felt led to pray for two of the young men. One of the young men, Josh, is about to graduate from seminary. He and I are kind of on the same journey. We both came to VOP in April hungry for more. As the leader began to pray for him he began to shake. When he was touched by his Bible, it increased. Yeah, I know, you’re skeptical. So was I. But I know Josh’s heart, we’ve talked, and this wasn’t something he was trying to do. God definitely has His hand on this young man! I think it’s awesome.

The afternoon was devoted to prophecy. Two friends accompanied Shara, and a third flew in from California just for today, just to spend the afternoon prophesying over every single person in the group! Wow. An hour or so into it one of the four and a young man moved to the side and people who were dealing with certain issues were told to go and get prayer. I was the first one out of my seat. I believe the young man who prayed for me was named Richard. He started praying for me and we were just holding hands and as he was praying it turned into a hug and he started to speak truth to me about how God sees me and how much I’m loved, and after a minute or two I was on the floor again, lol. It is good to rest, you know, because God’s touch is a wonderful thing.

Speaking of God’s touch, it can manifest in different ways. I realize people may not be comfortable with that word (manifest), but that’s really what it is. I’ve seen people laugh, cry out, rock back and forth, quiver, fall over, stagger as if drunk, go into something akin to spasms, dance, and jump. Is it from the Spirit or is it the flesh? Personally, I’d rather see happy flesh than any other kind so that’s really irrelevant. Besides, only God can see the heart. I’m open to anything and everything God has for me, and I’ve told him that. Besides, if you judge someone for what they’re doing you’d better watch out. If it’s pride you can bet you’ll be doing it someday, lol.

So after some time on the floor I go back to my seat and wait for my turn, fascinated by all that’s going on around me (there were other people ministering in corners as well). I’m listening to words being spoken to others. Some of these people I’m getting to know and I’m rejoicing at God’s goodness! There was a short break and it was getting late. I knew I had to go to work and that in all likelihood this was going to run way over, so I followed the ladies into the restroom and kind of apologized and told them I had to go to work tonight and could they do me next? I so wish I could remember her name, the one with the piercing eyes and brilliant smile who said something to me about always serving others and then said “get ready” lol.

I took my camcorder and held it in my lap so I could get the audio later. I had a feeling I was going to need to listen to it again. I haven’t yet because I want to be alone when I do. That will happen perhaps this weekend when I have some time to pray and be still. I will tell you this is the second time I have been prophesied over. The first was very meaningful and I started to walk it out immediately. This one absolutely blew me out of the water. For any of you who were at VOP and read this, I’ll give you a hint: Think James and Ahab.

On the way home I stopped at the church and worked for two hours. Then as I was driving my scooter back, singing “Let it Rain, let it rain! Open the floodgates of heaven!” over and over I passed Cluggy’s restaurant. There was a woman with a cane walking in. Immediately I felt as if I should stop and pray for her. And just as fast my mind came up with a ton of reasons not to. I went about 100 yards past Cluggy’s and turned around in someone’s driveway, but I didn’t go back, I turned back around and headed back toward home. Then I went about a quarter mile (wrestling all the way, lol) and turned around again at Sandy Hollow Road. I sat there for a few minutes not knowing what to do, having an argument with myself, hearing all the reasons why I shouldn’t yet not wanting to miss the Lord. I remembered what Ben said in the morning, that what matters is you tried. You see, one of the things prophesied over me was that I would have a healing ministry. I immediately thought of Heidi Baker and Randy Clark’s prophesy over her that she would open the eyes of the blind, how for a year she prayed for every single blind person she ran across, to the point where she’d yank the chain on a bus to make it stop and run off the bus after them. A YEAR and no one was healed. And then one day there was a breakthrough.

Yes, I went back. Yes, I went in. Yes, I prayed for her. To my knowledge nothing happened (although I still have hope!). I got on my scooter, pondering all of this, wondering if I did the right thing, when I heard the Lord say, “What matters is that you were obedient.” Mission accomplished :)

Tomorrow night is another ministry night. I’m not nearly so nervous about it as I was before. I’m a fool for Christ and everything I do is for an audience of one–and this is where my life ends and His life begins :)

Btw I just realized that today was the first day of the West Chester Poetry Conference. I was supposed to go to that but changed my plans. I’m soooo thankful I did!


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