Resting in the Spirit…check


Today was the first day of the Summer Intensive…and it was intense :) Ben Williams spoke in the morning and his message was: “Simplify!” He said if we get nothing from this then it was worth it. Of course, that “nothing” is the nothing-is-impossible-with-God type of nothing :) He made a lot of interesting statements, one of which was “If you’re not living a life where you need the Comforter, you’re not living on the edge!” We are going to learn things over the next three weeks that may make us nervous (we’ll need that Comforter!). Then again, when you learn to die to yourself, there is a lot less discomfort. Um, I’m not there yet, lol.

THAT SAID, at lunch break we were told we could go up front and Ben would come down the line and pray for us. I was about #8 (out of maybe 30-40). I didn’t watch what was going on, I just kept my eyes closed and prayed, not knowing what to expect, and to be honest was about half afraid that nothing would happen. I’m one who believes we need more than a post-conversion baptism in the Spirit or second blessing. We need a third blessing, and a fourth, and a fifth and so on! I’ve had one, years back, which was incredible. But somehow I got sucked into cessationist thinking (the belief that tongues and healing etc. were no longer needed now that we had the full canon of Scripture). So anyway, the first few people he prayed long and hard over. Some may have been resisting but I wasn’t, obviously, because of all the people he prayed for I think I went down the fastest (btw, not everyone did, and that’s okay too). I think what he said was “Holy Spirit fire!” a few times. Wow, they aren’t kidding when they say you become powerless. And no, I was not pushed. Rest is a beautiful thing :)

I had a nice discussion with some ladies (one from Thailand) about praying in tongues at lunch. She and another lady prayed for me (that’s the third time in a week that someone has). I keep thinking of that Scripture about asking for bread that I won’t get a stone. But as “tightly wound” as I am, I think perhaps the Holy Spirit may have to ambush me, lol. I am definitely open to it, though.

After lunch Mark Zirkler spoke on hearing from God. Another good set of messages. He outlined four keys (taken from Habakkuk 2:1,2). #1 – Quiet yourself in God’s presence. #2 – Look for vision as you pray (literally, use the “eyes of your heart”). #3 – God’s voice often comes as spontaneous thoughts. Tune into the flow. #4 – Write out the flow of thoughts and visions within you. We did an exercise that was pretty good, and the afternoon flew.

I got home and made dinner, did a load of wash, and now I’m blogging, but soon I’m going to bed. I am exhausted, more tired than I’ve been in a long time. That and I have a migraine starting. I haven’t had one of those in ages, and I wonder if it’s something spiritual going on. I’d better take something and get to bed. It’s developing into a doozie.


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  1. Oh, sorry about the headache, but thanks for sharing. I think you sharing how you are resisting will really bless folks. Thing is, each of us have our own personal relationship with the Lord and as such our living in the Holy Spirit is also unique for each of us. Many, myself being one of them, don’t see it as a hard fast rule that one must speak in tongues, be slain in the spirit, etc., and that we shouldn’t be made to feel we’re not faithful “enough” if we don’t experience everything everyone else does according to some set of rules. I don’t believe Scripture is telling us “here’s how it is” in the way some make claim to. That being said, I find praying privately in tongues blesses me and I tend to overthink things and so it was tricky for me at first, but my spirit and the Holy Spirit connecting in prayer in this way leaving my overactive mind out of it is for me a good thing. That being said, I think we can prevent things from happening by focusing on getting it right and since only God is perfect, we need to trust in Him and let Him know we’re open to what He wants to bless us with, and relax and let Him. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    • I couldn’t agree more about the Holy Spirit’s relationship with each person being unique. One thing I’m finding, especially about tongues, is how different each person’s experience is. The Holy Spirit is so creative and so brilliant, and as he reveals to us the mind of Christ our lives are never the same (nor would we want them to be!). I don’t care if I never speak in tongues in front of someone. I want it for a prayer language because of what you and others have said about it being a way of “leaving my overactive mind out of it.” That would be a VERY good thing for me! But what I think I need and what I really need can be (and often is) two different things.

      I still have things to work through. There is still fear in my life (I can sense it, though I can’t always identify where it’s coming from), something I realize is cast out by perfect love (so I need more love, Lord!). That said, we have a responsibility to walk it out, and often healing comes in stages, like peeling the layers off an onion. I just didn’t realize I needed so much healing. I find I want to “get over stuff already” because I want to be where a lot of the people taking this course are, not that I am comparing (or am I?, lol).

      Gotta get ready to go! Day #2 of 15. Thanks for commenting, it was a real encouragement! ~p

      P.S. I took an Excedrin and my husband rubbed my neck, head, and back last night so it was gone before I fell asleep. Dreamed a lot, though. I’m learning that dreams are significant. I just need to remember to write them down!

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