No more poverty spirit


As I contemplate the start of the three-week Summer Intensive at Global Awakening tomorrow, I am listening to a sermon by Graham Cooke someone just sent me (thanks, Rose!) entitled “Joyfully Vulnerable to God’s Goodness.” No one speaks on God’s Goodness the way Graham does, and once again I have aha moments with comments such as: “Mediocrity has a violence attached to it. It’s the violence of mediocrity that holds us captive to a poverty spirit. And a poverty spirit is not about economics! It’s about you living with meager possibilities when Jesus said everything is possible.”

Graham speaks about his brain virus during which “everything was taken away.” He spoke of being thankful for it, and that it brought him into a place in God that he might not have reached without it. He spoke of making decisions, starting with where he was in the worst fight of his life, that he didn’t want to reach his end and have any regrets. He then went on to give a list of regrets he didn’t want to have:

“I didn’t want to reach the end not having discovered the fullness of my potential in Christ. I didn’t want to die not having taken enough risks or huge steps in God. I didn’t want to come to the end of my time never having thoroughly enjoyed the majesty of Jesus, and therefore lived a mediocre life as a result. I didn’t want to come to the end having lived conservatively when I could have lived more boldly or even outrageously. I didn’t want to come to the end of my days never fully having capitalized on my relationship with the Holy Spirit. I didn’t want to finish never completely exploring my present and my future in the Father. I didn’t want to come to the end and have lived a lower level of faith than I could have lived. I didn’t want to go through these circumstances and not joyfully attack all the negatives around my life. I didn’t want to look back and realize I’ve been entirely too passive about circumstances, that I’d lived with meager possibilities, that I’d procrastinated about my relationship with God and my true spiritual growth, that I hadn’t seen the kingdom come in power around my life, and that I had not influenced and inspired as many people as God had wanted me to. So I’m making decisions to myself, I don’t want to have regrets. I don’t want those kind of regrets.”

Neither do I, Graham. And that’s why I’m pressing in :)


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